Today I am a corporatist. Not only for solidarity with colleagues who cover caravans election, some of whom were summoned on deck at 6 a.m after the end of the 3 to send in their chronicles on the other end of the metropolis. But because, for me, the winner of the debate Monday was not any of the debatientes, but the colleague Ana White. It was she who offered them the rope with which they hanged themselves. Little creatures.

“Talk about parity, but this photo is not one of equality”, he let go of White, with two ovaries, in alluding to the full of men candidates for president, to enter the block of social policies. But except for Pablo Iglesias, who predicted that this would be the last image XY of History; and Peter Sanchez, who boasted of an absolute majority of ministers, none of the aforementioned took the glove to mark package a feminist. Perhaps because they have not, perhaps because they do not find neither a priority nor a macho. Less than two minutes it took the gentlemen’s heads of list in to ventilate the matter before the incredulity of the presenter of historical television news.

The same unerring professional that we had hours in the air telling us about the 11-S in direct without moving an eyebrow, he could not avoid to put the eyes in white on some plane stolen. Your vera, Vicente Valles, encouraged the candidates to be denied seeing that they were going each one to sell your book while Abascal eluded them live. It couldn’t be. Already said Errejón the Excluded: not to leave them alone.

in Addition the owners have already been published, the debate left us, great moments, memorable as the initial plane of an alleged lord of the cleanup of the props between all the ladies. Or the spoiler of Pedro Sanchez named Nadia Calviño vice president economic before being inducted. Or the enigmatic “this is the Spain that I want for my children”, and, in the plural, when only a little girl, Albert Rivera, giving wings to calenturientas wild imaginings about a hypothetical paternity in the course. Total: how to pass!, they say the millennial, if it’s not because of what happens on Sunday may not have cursed grace.

What is the campaign on the ground passed yesterday the equator and the candidates were bowling, say demonstrations will be held, by provinces, that one thing is that their gurus tell them that it is the whole genre sold, and one that does not have to follow pregonándolo. Errejón was Carmena Bilbao of voluntary campaign. Pablo Iglesias is destesticuló of their own slip of the, ahem, straight on Twitter. And Luke, the poodle of Citizens, that is still nursing and is learning to control bowel and bladder, was relieved of waters over the parquet floor of its headquarters. The corresponding graphic document circulated by the mobile journalists of all the caravans giving, by order, an undeniable weight organic to both meme, both bot and so much media campaign.

Of equality, the candidates do not know, do not answer. What of the gender pay gap, male violence, stewardship, etc. have already left to their second in the debate of women on Thursday in The Sixth, that of that are things of girls.


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