One of my personal goals, when the agenda allows me, is to spend a week analyzing the training of the Cholo Simeone. It took a lot of time watching, and admiring, from a distance. It is a coach that you can learn a lot at the organisational level. Your Atletico Madrid moves like a swiss watch, perfectly coordinated, and that is something that fascinates me. Always in the end delivery of the conviction that we can all learn from all of the different paths that can lead to success, and that in football there is no absolute truth, regardless of who you like to play with or without ends, from behind, or from the mid-field. Simeone has earned the status of being a landmark and deserves all my respect.

At the time of giving the coach the ideal, the first principle that you should always have in mind a club is the lace. Not always with the proper piece. Sometimes a team opts for a coach who, from the outside, from note to the league that it will not curdle, because the values of the institution and the technical are light-years away. It seems obvious that Simeone and Atletico Madrid are made for each other. Already as a player was a born winner, with character, pressure, relentless, hard and disciplined. I knew how to play and did not shy away from any type of terrain. Suited to all, to heat, to cold, to rain, to a perfect lawn or a mud-bath. And the team he has built is a reflection of Simeone footballer. Now that brings criticism of the technical rojiblanco, it would invite a lot of people to reflect on how difficult it is to create a competitive package to the image and likeness of their coach.

do Not forget that Atletico is a club that has spent years fighting for you against teams with a capacity of attraction to certain players, which before prefer to go to a Real Madrid or a Barca. Compete with that disadvantage. And, today, is at the top in LaLiga and with a half-trodden path to access the next round of the Champions league. Having changed media template. The team needs margin to combine their parts and play more loose. And until you give with the key in this time of adaptation, which many times can cost you results, still keeping the pulse of the competition as an aspirant to all. Is not suffering from the consequences of having lost a number of major players who, let’s not forget, have gone via clause and have provided significant revenues to the coffers of the club.

you have to give time to the pizza Simeone to find the right spot with the right ingredients. I also don’t see in your proposal, and the inflexibility that others would be blamed. Has raised matches with attacking. Sometimes leaves come to the opponent to take advantage of the theft and against. And other times you press up.

And in all that process of readjustment is also knowing to manage the expectations placed on the figure of João Felix. Has cost 120 million euros, but the price is not what he has put. Simeone has every reason to defend his performance: he is a guy that is 19 years old and, therefore, it still has faults that you commit, which are required for your particular way of learning. It makes No sense to subject him to the same pressure that a player of 28 or 30 years, even if it has cost less.

it Is true that I see things from the outside and the fan mattress of the day-to-day you will have your own opinion, possibly moved by the high expectations of a good start and garter belt before passing through a streak of matches without a win. But I think that these doubts are external they are not going to affect this socket to test bombs between Cholo and the Atletico Madrid, has not hesitated in giving the nod at appropriate times to the time of renew. The club has always been with him in the turbulence.

Now, he also plays support to the trainer when you have changed half the team, and it takes patience. Atletico Madrid should feel lucky to have a man so passionate for the club and true to their colors. I am sure that Simeone will have received calls tempting to change course during these years, but has always prevailed his relationship of perfect love with the entity red and white. Because the debate around the Cholo does not have discussion.

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