due to the forced security measures of the annual conversation is not only acquired network nature, but was divided into 4 conferences. Thursday was her first introductory part. The second is scheduled in 2-3 weeks.

within three hours, about 10 of the speakers were diverse with presentations on three main themes: how to create a application for the state grant, which funding sources to be considered further and how to accelerate the learning of new activities in the field of libraries. The main partner of the conference were the Museum of Moscow.

Alexander Aygistov, President of the National Union of NGOs, the President of the Russian municipal Academy noted that, because of the pandemic coronavirus, the government does not distribute tax breaks or other measures of support to non-profit organizations, although “we expect some social preferences. Many will have to move out from their area”.

Also Aigistov read the key provisions of the help of the Ministry of culture. According to the rules, its representatives are unable to participate in online activities. Therefore, their input was limited to a printed report on the financing of the cultural sphere over the past year.

So from 218 thousand non-commercial organizations of Russia, only 22 of the thousands engaged in culture and art. Last year, the Ministry of culture has received more than 1,000 applications. Of them chose 123 and allocated for the implementation of the order of 300 million rubles. This year, the Ministry promises to significantly increase funding. The report also highlighted the national project “Culture” and “Creative people”, as well as to identify new talents among creative young people.

a Big plus for those who are looking for financial assistance from the state, will be the website “culture.grants Russia”, which contains a database of competitions, grants, and work instructions for the correct execution of applications.

the Main source of financial assistance for non-profit organizations remains the presidential grants. Because of the coronavirus he moved the deadline Zayawok until April 6. Also the Union of NGOs recommends to its members to apply for grants of the mayor of Moscow, Fund of Potanin, Mikhail Prokhorov and “Volnoe Delo” Oleg Deripaska.

Among the speakers were several “practitioners”. For example, the founder of the festival of contemporary art “Form” Yuri Kassin and program Director of the art residency of the company “Norilsk Nickel” Alexander Kremenets. The last important theme of the conference was voiced by Catherine Kudrin, head of corporate University “Leninka” at the Russian state library. She said that the most important transition to the digital system must promote appropriate training for employees. “We can not on their database to educate staff only through the Internet. Until 2024, it is necessary to improve the skills of 200,000 workers. While our problems do only 4 centers in Moscow, Kemerovo, Moscow and Leningrad regions. Until we can learn to work in virtual concert halls and virtual libraries”, – she added.