These industries in Russia with the highest number of jobs created

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

a Leader in the greatest number of jobs was in the sphere of trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, reports RT with reference to the Rosstat data.

Thus, this area provides 300,9 thousands of jobs. Followed by the sector of manufacturing (232,2 thousand), construction – 173,2 thousand, education – 146,4 thousand.

the top Five is concluded by the sphere of ensuring military security and social security. In this area of 139.7 created thousands of jobs. Only in 2019, Russia has created 1.98 million jobs.

Earlier, the Russians called the main criteria of work of dreams, which were a high salary, stability, good staff, convenient office location and the proximity of workplace to home.

In February, the study of service business management “Megaplan” showed that at work a few times a week linger more than half of employees and managers. About 20% of workers remain in the workplace longer than the required daily.

Reason for overtime, according to the respondents – a large number of tasks that cannot be completed in a working day. Some managers explained this by the peculiarities of the processes in the company.

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