Contests for fast eating has proposed to regulate

Photo: a screenshot of the TV channel Moscow 24

In the Moscow city Duma urged to establish regulations for competitions eating anything because of the death of a girl who choked on a cake during the competition. This was reported by a member of the Commission of the city Parliament on health and public health, the chief physician of city clinical hospital of a name of Vinogradova Olga Sharapova.

“still needs to be due to the safety of people who participate. Can do a show, but safety is paramount. Therefore, in order to comply with safety needs to be spelled out strict regulations,” said Sharapova, the Agency “Moscow”.

She expressed the opinion that the organizers should understand what kind of people and what diseases are involved in such contests.

in addition, she questioned the need for this kind of event.

“We have these competitions on the fastest eating of cakes ruin people. This sugar increases, it may be of reflex nature of cardiac arrest, and maybe the girl (who died during the competition for eating cakes. – Approx. ed.) was already some kind of disease,” said Sharapova.

on the night of 16 February, 23-year-old Muscovite died in the competition for eating cakes. Trying to eat as many desserts on speed, the girl choked and started to suffocate. The doctors pronounced him dead. The investigative Committee checks.

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