Violated the quarantine by the coronavirus in Singapore faces jail

Photo: TASS/Zuma

Singapore has introduced penalties for violation of quarantine coronavirus. Returning from China the people that came outside the house, going to prison, informs “the”.

it is Noted that returnees from China people will have two weeks to spend in quarantine, but previously they were allowed to briefly go outside.

if they need food, medicine or something else, they will need to seek the assistance of friends.

For violation of the new resolution envisages a prison sentence of up to 6 months. In addition, violators will have to pay a penalty of up to 10 thousand Singapore dollars. Foreigners and did the same for ignoring the ban face dismissal from work and expulsion from the country.

Previously escaped from the quarantine lady at the court returned to the clinic. She left Botkinsky hospital, doctors cheating and breaking the magnetic lock.

the CPS plan to propose measures for strengthening of responsibility for violation of the quarantine regime in connection with the coronavirus.

today the number of victims of a new type of pneumonia in China reached almost 1.9 thousand, recovered 12.5 thousand people are infected with 72,4 thousand citizens.

the Escaped the quarantined woman returned to the hospital by court

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