Munich – At the Moment, the Copa America will be held in South America in Brazil. The counterpart to the European championship. In the current tournament it is hot, not only temperature, but also on the square. Recently the Brazilian national team had turned off the Argentinians in the semi-finals. However, not only on the pitch players Shine with shots from distance, but also in addition to the field of photographers shots with snap-on, what-have-you on it.

In the game of the Peruvians against Bolivia a lonely lady in the stands was captured, which gave everything to cheer your Team to victory. The black-haired Grazie acted with my whole body. They wander about, swinging their hair and danced. Beside her, the Thermometer is likely to be increased to make even to the top. And once the photographer even met a special Moment.

+ Wow, what a Moment.© AFP / CARL DE SOUZA Copa America: chest out – not only on the court

Because The lady leaned far forward, what a sight. The red-and-white clothing-clad supporter had every reason to be happy. Your home country won the match 3:1 against Bolivia.

And this Fan was the venerable Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro to meet. Many wonderful scenes played out in the tradition of arena – this spectacle will be seen in the last time, the least Fans, or expected. And if you look closely, you can even have a glimpse of her right breast, that there is what flashes out.

International media are thrilled by the lady. And around the world. The Polish Portal it shows as well with enthusiasm as,,, and a lot of other portals – and Yes, we also.

+ The tribune, woman thrilled the world, the specialist portals.© AFP / CARL DE SOUZACopa America: Not only a sporty something to do

, It is not necessary so only sporty in the Copa America. By the way, the Peruvian could dance again. Your Team is fighting in the finals. What’s going on would probably be the first, would get the Peruvians to the Cup. Hardly to imagine.

during the 2018 world Cup, there were some interesting “sights” in the stands. It was probably one of the most photographed in Croatia-Fan in the world, because her skimpy Outfit was particularly worth seeing. Another Fan showed up constantly without a bra, a Colombian, was even down to behold without in the stadium.



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