This week the corona virus kept us in suspense again, first the numbers soared – then many again, and there were new outbreaks (e.g. Göttingen). What is the current development now – the new RKI numbers are there.

According to the first reports, the situation appears to be stabilizing. The number of coronavirus cases detected in Germany to date has risen to 183,506 by Friday evening. That means 418 new cases yesterday – a stable figure. The 7-day mean is 341. Unfortunately, another 23 deaths were added, a total of 8654 people have now died from Covid-19. How does the R-value develop after the increase at the beginning of the week?

The development of the R value also remains stable. The RKI reported an R value of 0.68 for yesterday – still well below 1%. The next week will be exciting, for the first time the numbers of the Pentecost weekend will also be included.



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