The new Corvette Stingray is a Revolution for the American legend: The endless long hood is gone, and thus the longing view of the road movies. For the first time the driver sits behind, but in front of the engine. The new “Vette” has a mid-engine, and thus you want to make the best sports cars in the world competition. Already in the 60s the Chevrolet had dreamed Designer of this concept, GM’s chief designer, Mike Simcoe. Now it was ready. “We know that the Corvette can now play convincingly in the League of the world’s best.” The new concept allows for a better weight distribution and, consequently, significant benefits in terms of Longitudinal and lateral dynamics. The new Corvette Stingray seems to be a bit futuristic, but it is nevertheless unmistakable to recognize as a Corvette engine proportions, despite the medium. Speed and Power used from every angle.

V8-vacuum cleaner

The actual drive remains traditional. That is to say: It sucked and not blown. Instead of a turbo, the Corvette from a 6.2-litre V8 powered vacuum cleaner. This is the next Generation of Chevy’s 6.2-Liter Small-Block-V8-LT2-engine. It is the only V8-sucker’s car in the Segment of super sports. The power is 495 HP and maximum torque of 637 Nm. The Tempo of one Hundred is reached after three seconds, the top speed is over 300 km/h. And there are to look at something: The engine is below a 3.2-centimeter-thick Plexiglas plate.

The Corvette C8 is also in the circuit is significantly sportier. “The Performance of the switching Algorithms are so focused on the driver, that you can recognize a spirited driving style, regardless of the driving mode and lower gears for higher throttle response longer maintained”, says chief developer Tedge Juechter.

it was by the Way taken care of the everyday operation. At the push of a button, the front axle is lifted in 2.8 seconds to 40 mm, so you can also drive over bumps and curbs. Known issue, you can program zones using GPS. Surprisingly, the large the trunk is. A total of 357 litres of load volume are available. GM President Mark Reuss claims proudly, “In terms of comfort and driving pleasure the new model, such as a Corvette and feels so. The driving performance surpass all previous models in the history of the Corvette.” The production in the US plant in Bowling Green begins at the end of the year. The market launch follows in the beginning of 2024. A price is not yet known.

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