In South Africa’s fruit-growing regions the harvest is in full swing. The orange exporter, the fruit about 70 percent of the Citrus harvest runs from the first forecasts are positive for Europe’s consumers good quality to expect.

“this year’s harvest is only slightly below that of the previous year,” said Paul Hartmann of the South African Association of citrus fruit growers from the German press Agency. According to him, the Association had harvested in the previous year, around 136 million 15-pound boxes. “This year the harvest is expected to be comfortable with 130.2 million boxes,” says Hartmann, indicating the value of the fruits in the previous year, with around 20 billion Rands (1.2 billion Euro).

Hannes De Waal of the Large Cooperative SRCC in the Sundays River Valley, even speaks of an unusually good harvest. “This is because the dry period is now over, finally – we had very good rainfall in the course of the year,” he says. In the Region, he estimates this year’s harvest yields up to 20 per cent year-on-year, as his company to 21 million boxes of oranges came. In addition, the quality and the average size of the oranges this time be quite good, says the South Africans, the omitted with a view to its main markets in Europe, alongside the Netherlands, especially Germany, Austria and Switzerland – in its plantations on the use of chemicals to a large extent.

Since the Dutchman for the first time in the 17th century. A century of orange trees in South Africa, planted, has developed a whole industry out of it. Not surprising, therefore, that the Netherlands are still one of the most important customer countries. Anthony Rijnbeek from the largest Dutch importer of Eosta speaks of a high demand for organic oranges or lemons. “We can meet the demand,” he said. This year’s crop on the Cape is good, the prices are likely to remain stable. “We go according to the quality from 30 to 60 Euro per crate,” he said.

One of the most important growing areas of the Cape state, is in Nelson Mandela’s home region, the Federal state of lower Saxony, references associated the Eastern Cape province. The citrus industry is there, in addition to the automotive industry the most important employer. Both recovering from a week-long strike, which put the Container Terminal of South Africa’s only deep-water port of lame. The national Association of citrus fruit growers estimates that the costs due to the additional costs for shipping through other ports, and other Transport losses to nearly 19 million Euro. However, a favourable exchange rate for the currency is likely to make losses.

“the Bottom line is likely to be the prices for the European consumers, therefore, continue to be attractive,” says De Waal, is an assessment of the national citrus-growing Association shares.

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