Mr. Fleischer, Germany is an E-Bike country. The sales increases for years to 100,000 units per year. 2019 will be sold almost a Million Electric motorcycles. How does it look like in our neighbouring countries?
In the countries where Bicycle culture, an infrastructure is in place and the product is known, the E-Bike popular. Germany is one of the most important countries. But you can also take the whole “ROOF”Region – Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Netherlands, too. The countries are, since the classic bike culture and the infrastructure come together. Now coupled with the technology of the electric bikes.

Why is booming, the E-wheel?
people drive just like a Bicycle. With the E-drive, the excuses fall away, why today of all days, can’t ride a Bicycle. Too long, too far, too high, too hard – I’m sweating. There are many excuses, and with the E-Bike there are no more of these excuses. Our customers travel with E-Bike two to three Times as often and two to three Times as far.

How high is the share of E-Bikes is now?
In the Netherlands we already have 40 percent of sales. In Austria, about 30 percent. In Germany, around 25 percent. Also in the surrounding countries, the knowledge, so an electric bike makes sense develops slowly. It is a good complement to the mobility and fun in leisure time.

Interview, traditional brand Kalkhoff “This is embarrassing, but also a Manager to rise today on an e-bike” By Gernot Kramper

Bosch came onto the market, there was already an established engine manufacturers with great experience, also because the e-bike in Asia, in the past, established. In the meantime, they are the market leaders. What are the reasons for the success?
The first is, of course, our expertise in technology and products. We have developed very early on a modular concept. A modular system, the manufacturer very quickly new Bicycle concepts electric can clarify. So a modular System was not there before. Then our components were powerful and very flexible in terms of the Design of the bike. This kit, we have expanded over the years, and each year new products that fit into this modular system.

Other companies are pursuing a more open philosophy, while the modules blend in only Parts with other Bosch. So they emphasize their technology and what else?
We have been focusing strongly on our customer groups. We support the Bicycle developers in the development and Integration of our components in their bikes. Also at the start of production, we can help, just like in the programming. For the traders, we have put together a comprehensive Service package. It starts with training, especially the diagnosis is very important so that the trader can detect in the workshop, each Problem. The traders also have a direct Hotline access to us.

Start-Up, The “Cowboy” is the iPhone of E-Bikes – we have tried it By Gernot Kramper

E-Bikes were first adopted by senior citizens – a few years later, trekking bikes and mountain bikes to. Meanwhile, mountain bikes play a special role. Why are they important?
have you observed correctly. Mountain Biking was already a part of our strategic Considerations in the years 2010 and 2011. In our discussions with the Bicycle manufacturers, we have recognized that there is a potential to rejuvenate the target audience for the E-bike and riders is also a verb. In addition, the products need to be sportier and more appealing.

Why have treated the well-established manufacturer of E-motors the mountain bike first so neglected?
at the Time, it was still embarrassing when they were younger than 50, and they were seen on an electric bike. The E-bike has become a lifestyle product, this was mainly due to the electric mountain bike.

The first Experiments with electric mountain bikes were initially quite awkward. Their first engines can be hardly comparable with today’s models.
in 2011 and 2012, there were already electric mountain bikes the first hour. These were the first Attempts, this was all still very close to the bike.

mountain Biking is a classic Quälsport. We all know the phrase, with the Udo Bölts to Jan Ullrich in the rate of increase has motivated: “Torture yourself, you Pig!” A beautiful departure had duly suffered. The engine has now taken the masochism of the thing …
The fun to the mountain Biking has given you the rash. With the engine constantly in an area we call “Flow”. In the “Flow” you are never demands, but also not overwhelmed. This “Flow window” was seen early, especially when Down, on a Trail that was very fluid drive. With our engines, this “Flow is detected” also when.

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Bosch has done more for the traffic, turning, as the complete auto industry. The enthusiasm of the policy keeps in limits. The star spoke with the head of Bosch eBike Systems Claus Fleischer, about the lack of cycle routes, policy-neck-punches and E-Bike Tuning.

Gernot Kramper

So where else is the Quälphase began.
Yes, there was at once the Uphill Flow. At the time, we thought: ‘Wow, if only a fraction of the mountain bikers will find this as cool as we are, then this may be something Big.’

With the first generations of engines that were not built for mountain Biking, the great Feeling, but only to a limited extent.
Properly, that’s why we developed the matching engine. The Performance Line CX–, up to today, the engine is the Benchmark in the area of mountain Biking.

in the Meantime, there is a whole range of engines of E-Bikes, which can also be seen. To further expand its market position, they have also stirred vigorously to drum up business.
Yes, we have started a campaign for Uphill Flow. The message was: – up becomes fun. And even when you felt no restrictions. And thus we have created a new Trend: the E-mountain Biking.

opinion of the E-Bike Boom in The E-Bike to roll over the cities – now you have to respond By Gernot Kramper

in Celebration of ten years, Bosch system, they have introduced many innovations. Especially great hopes put on the Performance Line CX 2024 engine. What’s new and where the challenges are technically?
the previous Generation of the CX was the Benchmark at the E-mountain bikes, because he has standards at the time of performance, driving dynamics and, in particular, the thermal stability has set.

For our readers: The temperature is especially important. A bike engine has no fan, because water and dirt cannot penetrate. The potters in a closed housing, and if on the mountain a long time, the full power is required, it will be cuddly warm in it. And if it gets too hot, breaks in the Motor.
Exactly, but the CX has to take back any power because of Overheating, even if you have longer climbs behind.

The CX is strong, but not perfect – frankly, it is pretty clunky.
Yes, the drive had two limitations: The first one was the size, and the second was the weight. We have both the new Generation of 2024 to reduce. The weight we have become 25 percent lighter – from 3.9 kg to 2.9 kg. And we were able to reduce the volume by 48 percent– which is very much smaller.

That looks very chic – but has a real value?
Now the frame of the wheels can be built more compact. Now it is a bit technical: The pivot point of the rear swing arm may be closer to the bottom bracket. So the whole bike more agile and sporty it is. The wheel feels lighter, more playful. A kilogram of less weight you will notice at the wheel, of course.

The engine is just smaller.
engine, transmission, and sensors have been re-designed – the entire control technology. Remember when you start driving, when Accelerating, when Riding on the Trail when you are driving over steps and roots. The bike feels very intuitive. Even if you are above 25 km/h in addition, the CX now as a normal Bicycle. You feel no pedal Resistance through the engine. In driving a sharp jump behavior to the front.

we are looking forward to experience the engine in practice. Also, as competitors such as Shimano and Yamaha respond. The first generations of engines from all manufacturers had also Bosch to fight our observation, with the problems. Dirt and water not to put the electronics, the large torque without was also.
This is a clear goal that we can develop our products further. And of course make improvements. We’ve done that from the beginning already. Not only in the leap from one Generation to the other, there are also improvements in the production of the current series.

mountain Biking was and is a particular challenge for the stability of the engine.
use as a mountain bike differs greatly. Individual modules were first designed for this load, because we had to convoke it again.

In special forums you can read the sorry stories of the beginnings. Can you give us an example of problem cases?
seals and bearings. If you go mountain Biking, then you have a lot of Dirt on the wheel. Clean frequently with a jet of water. Some even take a steam cleaner – what you actually should not make. Since we had to carry our products to these requirements. When we introduce something New, such as the CX, then we have designed the known vulnerabilities from the beginning structurally much more robust.

The CX is new, but you now have a whole family of engines.
We have seven engines in the program, which are to be paid in performance classes, and in the price. The Active Line, with up to 40 Newton-meters is our cheapest model, the Performance of CX and Performance Speed are the most expensive engines, because they offer the most power. And in between the other engines are. With our kit you are able to offer a wide range of wheels. We cover the middle of the market very well.

Also, the batteries are more powerful. It started at 300 watt-hours, then 400, 500 and now 625. Who needs this capacity actually?
pay, We know that customers want more range and are also willing to pay for it. You have to put more coverage in extended day trips, or even just in more comfort, so you don’t have to reload during the week so often. And it also depends on the application.

The mountain can eyes a battery faster than in the city.
When mountain Biking, there is a clear desire to be able to handle more altitude without the need to carry a second battery in a backpack. The Trend for cargo bike and the Utilty-wheels for families. These Bicycle-types have a higher load and require more energy.

Will increase the Trend towards compact engines with the same or even increased power, so the engines will become increasingly less conspicuous?
Yes, we have shown over the years. About three kilograms for a Motor you have to walk actually, but performance is limited. 2.8 to 2.9 kg and then 75, 80 and 90 Newton meters – which can be physically and thermally represent.

And the next? In five years, we are then in the case of two kilograms and 120 Newton-meters?
We come to a physical limit. If you go with the weight down, you need to go with the top power down, otherwise you get the Motor is thermally stable.

He overheated.
Exactly. If you want to install a bigger engine, there is also the power not increase. You do not need but also, if you want to get the bike character.

engines such as the CX mobilize a torque, as it had a car in the early ‘ 70s. It takes a toll on the drive train big time. Why doesn’t integrating the Translation completely in the motor housing? This is a Vision?
A gear or a circuit you need at the wheel. The person feels the most comfortable at 60 to 70 turns of the crank, then the man has its best efficiency. If you want to cover a speed range from 0 to 40 km/h, then you need to be spread through a gearbox. If you want to integrate the gearbox into the motor housing, a drive is big and heavy. If you want to have a good efficiency and a good ability to switch under load, then there are many technical conflicts.

That is, because of the different requirements to come into the enclosure and are not in harmony.
Yes, that is the reason, why systems with integrated manual transmission does not have. For this Problem, none has yet found the Silver-Bullet solution.

Bosch currently offers a whole family of different engines – but the family members as a means of engines, but all very similar. It is conceivable that you are riding another path, such as an “invisible” – so sehr inconspicuous Motor to build?
The hub motor was represented in the flat areas of strong, but in fact the market is moved closed to the Central engine. And why? Because he is efficient, a better degree of efficiency achieved, and thus a greater range. In the urban area, a hub can make the engine make sense. But since you can also use our Active Line Motor. We say that the efficient use of power is crucial for us. We have chosen this design principle, and will remain faithful. We stick to it.

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