Well protected by spring! In times of corona and mask duty, the fashionable component of our everyday life is usually lost. Let us therefore remember a fashion accessory that is neglected, especially in women’s fashion and in spring: the hat!

A beret is and remains a classic among headgear. The flat caps made of felt or wool in classic black or in delicate, spring-like pastel shades such as pink or mint green are particularly popular. If you like it striking, you can also invest in more extravagant models with sequins or leather. If the temperatures drop or a spring storm sweeps through the streets, women with a soft and warm Barrett are well advised.

The fedora is coming again. The felt hat is particularly popular with the stars. The classic fedora has a wide brim and is bent down along the crown. The hat is decorated with a – sometimes more sometimes less – subtle ribbon. The indentations on both sides of the hat crown are also unmistakable.

Fedoras look particularly great with a denim look. They can be combined casually, elegantly or sometimes strictly. The best combination for a perfect spring outfit is a combination of a flounce blouse and jeans or chinos. Depending on the weather, ballerinas or sneakers can be styled. The great thing: if a woman has a bad hair day and does not want to invest unnecessarily much time in an elaborate hairstyle, the bird’s nest disappears quickly under the fedora.

The classic flat cap will remain as an important styling accessory in spring 2023. The Baker Boy Hat can be combined particularly well with simple but stylish outfits. A combination of a leather jacket, white blouse, jeans and red lipstick, for example, goes perfectly with this.

For cooler days, a short coat and booties do the same. Either way, the flat cap conveys a certain level of self-confidence – and that can’t hurt a fashionista, can it?


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