Some questions remained unanswered

In the new “Tatort: Der final Schrey” (June 1, the first), Lessing (Christian Ulmen, 44) and Kira Dorn (Nora Tschirner, 38) have to free the embroidery manufacturer Gerd Schrey (Jörg Schüttauf, 58) from a hostage-taking . Previously, his wife Marlies Schrey (Nina Petri, 56) was killed in a field with a meat tenderizer. The son Maik is quickly targeted by Lessing and Dorn. Julius Nitschkoff (25) embodies the role of the offspring that craves attention. But how do you know the actor and what happens to the Weimar duo?

Maik is played by Julius Nitschkoff. The young actor was born in Berlin in 1995 and comes from a creative family; his father is the magician Axel Hecklau. Julius Nitschkoff made his breakthrough as early as 2009 with the Sat.1 television film “Der Typ, 13 Kinder & Ich”. He was in front of the camera with Julia Brendler (45) and Tim Bergmann (48).

In 2010 followed the documentary feature film “The children of Blankenese” and in 2011 the ZDF television film “The teacher”, in which he was seen as a traumatized youth Nico. His first leading role was in 2013 in the ARD production “Komasaufen”. He made his cinema debut with the novel adaptation “When We Dreamed” (2015). “Tatort” fans should recognize the smart actor from the recent Furtwängler case “Tatort: Krieg im Kopf” (2023).

The Schrey textile company has to spray its premises with pesticides every year to destroy moths that would eat the yarn. But there was a problem: the toxins got into the groundwater and wiped out the last yellow-bellied toads in Thuringia. In the worst case, Maik could face three years in prison. The yellow-bellied toad is an amphibian species that is characterized by a bright yellow belly side.

The yellow-bellied toad is on the red list in Germany and is at great risk. Pollution is actually punished with severe penalties in Germany. According to section 329 (3) sentence 6 of the Criminal Code : “Anyone who kills […] animals of a species that is particularly protected within the meaning of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, catches them, re-enacts them or completely or partially destroys or removes their clutch, thereby not negatively affecting the respective protective purpose, is punished with imprisonment up to five years or a fine. ”

The MDR announced that filming for the new “crime scene” with Kira Dorn alias Nora Tschirner and Lessing alias Christian Ulmen started on February 17 in Weimar and the surrounding area. In the case of “The Fine Spirit”, the two investigators happen to witness a robbery in which a messenger of money is murdered. Lessing and Dorn go on a hunt across the city and there is an exchange of fire. Lessing is injured and taken to the hospital. Tied to the bed, he still helps his partner with the investigation.

However, the fans of the two will have to be patient – a broadcast date has not yet been fixed.



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