Criminal nicknames: on what basis they get

Crime 18/03/20 Criminal nicknames: on what basis they get

the Criminal world well-known tradition to give nicknames to their representatives. Such “errands” firmly sticking to a member of the gang and stayed with him all his life. As a rule, new names were given either spontaneously or as a ritual, after which no one remembered how actually the name of the person, because in the new life was no place for the old name.


the Beginning of this transformation was laid in the eighteenth century when wishing to join a criminal gang called the short but succinct name. The process of “baptism” was simple — the rookie put money in thieves ‘ obshchak, and then received an individual name. In Russian prisons there was a custom: novice went to the bars and spoke the phrase: “the Prison is old, give me a nickname!” The prisoners started to shout, if they didn’t like the celebrant said “do Not roll”, and continued choice. By the way, this tradition is observed to this day.

a Little harder dedicate to “thief in law”. Members of the gang confer about the new candidates and gathering decides whether who this “coronation”. After assigning “pogonyalova” spell “kite” with the new data and sent to all leaders of the criminal conglomerate in the field.

Origin of names

Nicknames could tell from the bandit, and to be derived from the first name or surname. Examining the causes, D. A. Koretsky and V. V. Tulegenov found a lot of interesting details. Thieves nicknames could indicate the place of birth, so George Aloyan became known as Jora Tbilisi, Anatoly Shakurov as Kiev, and Alexey Sergievskiy as Siberian. While Andrei Isaev, the whole decorated with tattoos, was nicknamed the Painting, Paul Stroganov, blinking frequently while talking, was named Pasha light and sound. Givi Nose, he’s Givi Gvinjilia, needs no explanation. Criminal title criminal played an important role: the money changers were often given the nickname “Diamond,” and the killers — “the Executioner”. Elite nicknames reflected the status of its bearer — Count, Prince, King, Baron. Could remember and your former profession, for example, the accountant has become a “Financier”, the musician — “Muharam” medic — “the Enema”.

Back side

But was version and easier. So, Vladislav Kirpichev became known as the Brick, Yuri Pichugin — the Body, Galabov Mansur was Mansur, Victor Parusnik turned into pan, Alexander North was the North, and Alexander Foreman is justified — Chervonets. However, not all nicknames were so majestic, it is unknown for what Gennady Zagorodnikova called a Boar, Boris Petrushin — Huckster, Yuri Smykova — Crook, Oleg Semakina — eve of Vladimir Bykov — Balde. Met frankly offensive options such as Pig, Rat, Masha, Brake, RAM. The owners of these names had little chance to get rid of them and drove them away, in whatever city left.

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