History 18/03/20 “General Orlov of the NKVD”: how the Soviet traitor escaped Stalin’s revenge

At the end of the 1930-ies of the NKVD began to strip their employees, including effective working in countries of the West. People’s Commissar Nikolai Ezhov withdrew dozens of its residents in Moscow, where they disappeared without a trace. The executions have already done the business and now a danger to witnesses, the society learned mostly much later, after the XX Congress of the CPSU. Some intelligence agents, in anticipation of their waiting at home, the fate was decided on cooperation with foreign intelligence services, hoping to save their lives. To live to old age and die a natural death managed a few defectors. So, Georgy Agabekov special group of liquidators of the NKVD got in France, Ignatius of Reiss in Switzerland, and Walter Krivitsky mysteriously died in the Washington hotel.

Alexander Orlov, he’s a Leo and Nicholas leyba Feldbin turned out to be the lucky one who was able to beat not only the NKVD, but also of Joseph Stalin. Having escaped to the West in 1938, he became known abroad as the author of books exposing Soviet secret service, and lived in the United States to a ripe old age. Itself eagles on the endless interrogations by the FBI and the CIA simply called the NKVD General, although this title did not exist until the end of the Second world war. In 1935 he was awarded the rank of major of state security, and that he managed to rise above, researchers are unknown.

biography Orlov is one of the most variegated among the people of his profile. Beginning your career as a security officer back in the Civil war, he exposed a secret officers ‘ organization, after the victory of the Reds revealed the whites, commanded a detachment of border guards in the Caucasus. In the mid-1920s Orlov was invited to work in the foreign Department of the OGPU. With a variety of responsible jobs, he traveled to the United States and half the countries of Europe. A particular success of the resident yavplastic surgery organization of export from Spain’s gold reserves, which the Soviet Union decided to assign himself as payment for the support of the Republicans. In addition, under the command of Orlov held a series of executions of disloyal Stalinist regime of the leaders of the Spanish left.

“until 12 July 1938, I was a member of the all-Union Communist party and the Soviet government have consistently entrusted me with a number of responsible posts he had written about Orlov himself. – I took an active part in the Civil war, fought in the ranks of the red army in the South-Eastern front, where he commanded the guerrilla units operating behind enemy lines, and was also responsible for counterintelligence. When the war ended, the party Central Committee appointed me as an assistant Prosecutor in the Supreme court. Here I participated, among other things, the development of the first Soviet criminal code. In Spain I arrived in September 1936 and remained there until 12 July 1938 – the day I broke with the Stalinist regime”.

the eagles were not stupid and naive. Seeing that many of his superiors and colleagues, more recently, staying in good standing, go missing or die mysteriously, the scout realized the shells fall too close, and his turn is just a matter of time. In July, Orlov was ordered to arrive in Antwerp for a meeting on the Soviet ship with the new chief of the foreign Department of the NKVD Sergei Speigelglass, three months earlier, had organized the murder of Reiss. To tempt fate experienced security officer did not, and, stealing from residency about 90 thousand dollars, moved with his wife and daughter to France. 13 Jul ship with Orlovym on Board headed for Montreal. Arriving to the canadian side eight days later, the fugitives got in Ottawa a visa and made a forced March to his ultimate goal – new York.

by Registering in hotels under different names, Orlov for a long time were in an irregular situation. U.S. intelligence agencies are picking up their trail later. Security officer well thought out questions the safety of his family. From overseas he sent letters to Yezhov and Stalin, in which he promised not to give any of the more than fifty known Soviet agents including Kim Philby, in exchange for security of person and guarantees for his living in Moscow mother.

the Incident led to a Grand scandal in the Kremlin. The head flew former bosses and subordinates Orlov, declared “enemies of the people”, however, the reason Stalin did not touch. A defector has remained true to his word: one of the Soviet residents it Americans surrendered.

However, Orlov lived in constant fear for his life until the death of Stalin. Then his situation has improved significantly. Continuing to greatly exaggerate its role in the structure of the NKVD, introducing himself close and almost intimate friend of the late leader, the eagles, as would be said today, skillfully haibowal on the resonance. For several decades he was able to maintain the legend of self-importance and the need for the United States. Stalin was no threat and the eagles engaged in literary pursuits, scaring the American people with the horror stories about the insidious KGB and their leader.

“I wrote down the instructions, orally given to Stalin’s NKVD leaders in the Kremlin meetings; his instructions to the investigators as to break the resistance of the companions of Lenin and to wrest from them false confessions; Stalin’s personal talks with some of his victims and the words spoken by these doomed in the walls of the Lubyanka, — claimed the eagles. Is a carefully hidden secret materials I received from the investigators of the NKVD, many of whom were in my submission. His crimes Stalin could not do without reliable assistants of the NKVD. As soon as the growing list of his crimes, and increased the number of partners”.

the Defector told me that for the first time seriously alarmed, when into Spain came the rumors about the arrest in the USSR people’s Commissar of internal Affairs Genrikh Yagoda. Later, Orlov learned “on the destruction of all former friends and colleagues”: it seemed to him that that’s come and it’s his turn.

“In Moscow I had a mother who, according to Stalin’s barbaric laws, were considered by the authorities as a hostage and threatened the death penalty in the event of my failure to return to the USSR. The same situation was and my wife’s mother, explained his motivation resident. – July 9, 1938, I received a telegram Yezhov at the time of the second person in the country after Stalin. I was ordered to go to Belgium for a meeting with a “friend, known to me personally.”

If you believe Orlov, until the death of Stalin, he and his wife escaped to write mothers and friends in the USSR. Scout believed that during the 14 years he was hunted, where on the side of the head of the Soviet state were “enormous political power and hordes of secret agents”, and in favor of Orlov played his ability “to anticipate and to recognize their tricks”.

“the Death of Stalin did not mean that I could no longer fear for his life — wrote a former KGB officer in his bestseller, published a few months after the death of the leader. – The Kremlin is still jealously guards its secrets and will do everything in his power to do me, at least for the edification of those who are tempted to follow my example.”

the Daughter of Orlova, Vera, died in 1940. His wife Maria survived her 31 years, and the eagles died on 25 March 1973 at the age of 77 years.

Okunev Dmitry

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