Cruise companies are working to ensure that all passengers are on Board really well. And fun to have, especially when it comes to evening entertainment. Who is watching this closely, the will notice a man who provides a great atmosphere. With the intention of.

“Dance Host” on cruise ships, provides a great atmosphere on Board

On certain cruise ships, as the British Express reported, it is, in particular, Cunard, Crystal, Silversea or Holland America – there are usually a well-dressed, Mature men, driving on the dance floor around. This man will ask you to Dance, but his intentions are not romantic in nature.

He is Host in his role as a “Dance Host” or “Gentleman” responsible for the mood on Board of the cruise, and especially on the dance floor. For this, he has some of the standard dances in the Repertoire and, of course, in the best case, a good Portion of charm. On luxury ships “Gentlemen Hosts” also “Ambassador” called. He is, in a sense, an Ambassador for good mood.

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From the Portal cruise tricks Gentleman Host” Jeff Martin the Details about his Job on the “Silver Spirit revealed “”. “Here on the Silver Spirit, we are the host for all the single travelers to cruise passengers – not just the women, by the way,” said Martin. On the question of how his everyday life look like on Board the cruise ship, he said: “for example, you will have noticed that the table where the Gentleman Hosts are sitting, is usually the loudest table in the Restaurant. We’ve had situations where couples wanted to be at our table for solo travellers to sit, because it so vividly, we crack jokes and tell stories.”

There are three important factors that had to bring a “Gentleman Host”: First of all, you need to be available, so in accordance with the cruises flexible. Then you should have a friendly appearance and a good dance.

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