Cruise staff are always intent on good Service, after all it is the absence of the passengers on Board, nothing – but there is also a dark flip side: If cruise guests do not know how to behave, can cause the Crew also changes the collar.

These things cruise would make employees happy with passengers – can it not carry but not

The employees on cruise ships, of course, to the outside – after all, adequate Service must be guaranteed on Board – and the pass to feel to act to give. Compared to the Portal Business Insider, some of the current and former cruise betrayed, now employees, what would you do with passengers, or you often would like to say it but simply can’t or must.

A former employee of the cruise line, Seabourn Cruise Line, the truth grabbed relentlessly on the table: “most of The guests were really nice people, but there were some that the “America driven to be “a little too far. They were rugged and have been drinking every night is too much, so it would have been nice to give you the privilege to get out and beat, but unfortunately we were not allowed to beat the guests.”

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A former bartender of the cruise line, Carnival Cruise, said: “it is Additional gratuities were my strongest source of revenue.” While an employee of the Royal revealed Caribbean: “Learn you a member of the crew to know and you to find out where the really good places are, if the ship is at the port docks.”

to Go this year on a cruise?

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