On the cruise ship, there are important things that contribute to the safety of the passengers. We have selected the most important for you.

cruise-inspection: you should Know about your ship know?

Jonathan Mark explains on the Website Cruise Fever the most important factors to safety on cruise ships. A note is that you should take before the trip, the cruise ship under the magnifying glass.

What he means by this is that cruise ships have certain health values. According to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), there are each year around 60 safety, environmental and health inspections on cruise ships. An Overview of the health value of all the ships you find here.

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Follow the Safety drills on a cruise ship to the attention of

“The aggregate of the exercise or rescue boat exercise is a must to attend a practice, at any regular cruise passenger, even if it is his hundredth cruise,” says Mark. “Even if it is the least fun part of the cruise, it is important for passengers and Crew.”

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instead, pay Attention to your alcohol consumption on the cruise

On cruises find rare merry events. However, as funny as it may be, as Mark advises, nevertheless, to keep his alcohol consumption in control. “Just because you can drink with a drinks package five ten alcoholic beverages per day, does not mean that you should drink as many].”

lastly, but one thing is most important: “The most common way that people bring on a cruise is in danger, is, to use the common sense. The cross is the safest way to make holiday trips statistically. This causes people to be careless, although you should actually take the same precautions as if you are in a vacation to the country.”

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