Piotr Degler is a photographer and a well-known Auto-Detective. Now he has published a photo book with 200 car pictures from Cuba. Car, the there are so anywhere on the world. Cuba had a long ban on the import of cars. The economic situation forced also to repair the old models, because there is no foreign currency for new cars stood at the ready. With Classic Driver Degler spoke about his hunt for these dinosaurs.

longing to hear say and mouth proganda were his guides, as he the island in his search crossed. He was not only with two workshops in the capital, but made friends across the country with car owners and mechanics. He found far more and also other cars, as he had intended, including a Mercedes Gullwing. “I had actually expected that less cars are left, but it was really like a ‘Jurassic Park’ of the automotive world.”

Cuba’s classic cars in danger?

wanted A state, the Degler with his photos hold, before the island of modern cars is flooded. Surprisingly, he found that the islanders prefer an old Lada in the US cars, because the Russians are more reliable. In his opinion, the majority of the owners of your car as a means of locomotion or as a Taxi, only a minority knew how to appreciate the value of classic cars. You have the ability to sell the gems at world market prices, would disappear most of the classic cars from Cuba, afraid of the car lovers. The owner would trade it simply for a new and reliable car.

Here you can learn more about the project and the Band, you can also order

The splendor of ribbon Carros de Cuba


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