2018 died 445 cyclist in traffic, the 63 cyclists more than 2017 and, thus, within a year, as many as in 2009. At the same time, death fell by at least the percentage figures in the case of pedestrians, car and motorbike cyclists.

this is Particularly evident in comparison to 2010. The total number of traffic fatalities has since fallen to 10.2 percent. The number of Car occupant fatalities was in 2018, up 22.6 percent lower. In the case of Pedestrians, and pedestrians as well as people who came on a motorcycle as a Moped or a motorcycle lost their lives, were the declines of 3.8 or 1.7 percent, significantly lower. In contrast, the number of killed cyclists and drivers compared to 2010, a 16.8 percent increase.

cycle tracks are missing

Cycling is experiencing a Renaissance, this is a good turning point for the Traffic, but the policy does not follow the construction of the appropriate infrastructure. The Cycling Association ADFC criticized the slow pace of the bike path expansion. “It is depressing: every Day a cyclist or a cyclist on our roads, and every half-hour, will hurt a Person on the bike is hard to die at least. And the trend is rising, not falling, as politically desired,” said the national Director Burkhard Stork. Among the killed cyclists, 21 children, six of them died car right-turning load, according to the ADFC.

Service: right-of-way, Crowding, wear a helmet – these are the rights and obligations of cyclists Fullscreen

Cheers on the Handlebars – the injustice is a lack of awareness many cyclists. Only 1.6 per thousand, a drunken cyclist loses the driver’s license. Politicians want to lower this value again and again – but this is not so easy.


1.6 ppm – that’s why the blood alcohol limit for cyclists is so high


is An eternal topic of debate between car and cyclists is the question: “Who is to blame?” The statistics is clear. About two-thirds of all Bicycle accidents are due to collisions with cars. Here are the main contributes to 75 percent of the cases, the motorists fault. So it is a motorist-legend has it that these collisions are Mainly due to cyclists, the eighth, the red light miss, or at night without a light on the road.

More accidents rolled over as opinion E-Bike Boom captures The E-Bike, the cities – now you have to respond By Gernot Kramper

The official statistics, however, has significant gaps. In the case of fatalities or serious accidents, Bicycle accidents are recorded without gaps. Even if a Car is involved, it is reported, because the accident is almost always passed on to the insurance. For minor or moderate injuries of cyclists, there is a substantial dark figure, as studies show. In fact, the accident is likely and the risk of injury with the wheel to be far higher than the statistics reveals.

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Unfortunately, statistics gives no information about the cause of accidents. Under the heading of “single vehicle accidents” – so accident without the accident – manoeuvring the wide variety of scenarios. The focus of the Public by his E-Bike overwhelmed Senior standing. Frequently it comes also to Overthrow in the case of very slow Driving. But also a road bike rider, Can be overestimated in a fast curve, is one of the single vehicle accidents, just like someone whose tire is in a pothole hang.

E-Bikes are kilo-metre-eater

in Total, increases the number of cyclists and the number of kilometres driven. E-Bikes are an indicator. In 2019, probably almost a Million E be sold to-wheels, then the number is likely to be a total of almost 6 million. Compared to about 70 million muscle wheels, the seems little. But under the conventional Drahteseln there are many who are not or are hardly moving. Even in comparison to the active muscle wheels E back-Bikes for about two to three Times as many miles, according to the risk increases.

bike-accidents-risk E-Bike after the Boom of the accidents Of Gernot Kramper

A more important reason for the rising accident drivers is the combination of poor infrastructure and growing self-confidence of the Biker. Many cycle routes are from the 60s and 70s – at the time, it was the declared aim of the local authorities to make Cycling as unattractive as possible. The consequences are still being felt today.

at the same time, more and more cyclists are aware of their rights in the traffic. An investigation by the Berlin police on the topic of cornering unfällle showed that many drivers respect the right-of-way rules, miss. “Too often inattentive and reckless driving, especially by right-turning Cars and Trucks leads to serious injuries among Cyclists,” said the police. The police, however, was particularly shocked that cyclists assume that their right-of-way will be very taken care of. The action of the police: Bicycle riders will not get to insist always on its own right of way, according to a spokesman.

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Good weather contributes to the poor result in

the reason for the high accident figures for 2018 but is expected to be the hot and dry weather. Good weather makes Cycling attractive, periods of rain. Also, the number of fatal drowning accidents has increased in the past year by 20 percent. At least 504 people in 2018 drowned, the were 100 deaths more than in the previous year.

at least 59 Dead and more than at the wheels. And this is a recreational sport that is different than the Cycling exercised only occasionally, but hardly anyone daily.

An all-clear can be. The more people leave the car and take the wheel, the more the deficiencies in the infrastructure will pay to rising accident and lead to even more dead.

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