Custody will check the living conditions of the boy's grandmother wanted to throw out the window


the Authorities in Moscow will examine the living conditions of the child, which the grandmother wanted to throw out the window, RIA Novosti reported.

the Court ordered to prepare the documents for the next meeting, among which must be the act of examination of housing conditions and the conclusion of the guardianship.

At the moment the child is in the hospital in connection with the disease SARS. Prior to that, he was at the centre of social protection, where he worked as psychologists.

the Incident occurred in an apartment on the street East. The woman locked herself inside and threatened to harm the child, in particular, to throw out of the window. The boy was rescued.

Now the mother of a child has made efforts for cancellation of the restriction of parental rights. She wants to take the boy himself. Deprived of her parental rights in April 2019. Then from mid-summer child lived at the grandmother.

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