Social pensions in Russia will index from 1 April

Photos: Moscow 24/Michael Sipko

From April 1 social pensions in Russia will index by 6.1%, said labor Minister Anton Kotkov. According to him, the cost of indexation will amount to 21.7 billion rubles by the end of the year, RIA Novosti reported.

at the same time increase of the pension under the state pension support of servicemen, passing military service on an appeal, the pensions of war veterans, retired citizens awarded by a sign “Inhabitant of blockade Leningrad”, the pensions of citizens affected by radiation or man-made disasters, and others.

it is Noted that this will improve the level of pensions is almost four million pensioners, of which about 3.2 million recipients suspense.

Earlier it was reported that in the Constitution will enshrine the provision on growth of pensions of Russians. The amendment to the basic law on the indexation of pensions applies to working pensioners.

According to the draft law, in Russia it is proposed to fix the rate of formation of the system of pension provision of citizens “on the basis of principles of universality, fairness and solidarity between generations” and support its effective functioning. It is also said on the regular implementation of indexation of pension in the manner prescribed by Federal law.

it is Noted that this will not only increase legal protection, but social stability of the standard.

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