Dana Borisova scared fans post on the social network:

fans of the TV presenter Dana Borisova seriously concerned for the health of the star. Appearance 43-year-old leading, according to many, leaves much to be desired. The last straw was a post in Instagram, left by Dana on March 28.

it was Given appeared to be very presentable, according to those subscribers form. Some drew attention to the puffy face of a woman not long ago who had problems with alcohol.

Oil poured into the fire, written under the photo in the review comments, which can be traced incoherent and chaotic flow of thoughts.

“Dan, read what you wrote. Throw all the muck. Urgent!”, – turned to her, one of the commentators.

however, some noted that sometimes Borisov so they can write, and despite the problems with alcohol. Written, according to them, is not proof of failure.

One of the users said that it is a pity the mother and daughter Borisova.

She was Given indirectly confirmed the trouble. She admitted that she was a failure, reports “Seven days.” However, she did not disclose the details of the situation.