Cinemas will have to survive: will open not earlier than in July

Impression, I must say, powerful, and it is connected not even with a specific a very cute movie about a dog who overcame hundreds of miles to return to owners. On the screen was a bright summer landscapes, a cozy European town, and it was impossible to escape the thought that now it was empty, what is there to die from the deadly virus people… hoped For a small and courageous film company (at the time suffered from the ban of the film “Death of Stalin”), setting up the show? In fact it was already more or less clear that we are waiting for. This is some desperate act, jump in the once happy world.

the Cinemas of China, declared victory over coronavirus, opened its doors for the audience, but lasted a week. Visitors almost was not: according to statistics, one person in a day. People fear the threat of coronavirus and prefer to stay at home. So a Chinese cinemas had to close.

According to experts, the damage caused to the cinemas around the world exceeds 7 billion dollars. Us Senate to protect the cinemas, which ever have to open, provided about 454 billion dollars on their stabilization. In the United States understands the potential power of cinema, and not only in monetary units.

All Russian cinemas has suspended work on March 26 is mandatory. Life in them still existed, although many closed early directives from above. When they resume work — no one knows. According to analysts, a simple long will lead to dire consequences between 20 and 30 percent of them will not survive. The most optimistic projections, the audience will be able to return to cinemas until July, but most likely in September. Now the losses incurred in month one mnogozalny exceed 10 million rubles. On state aid, no one expects, although attempts are being made to reach out to governments, to adjust the terms of the lease of non-performing cinemas. Many premieres are transferred to the end of 2024, and in 2024 th.

Experts recently conducted an online conference, where they discussed the survival of the cinema, offered them a plan of action — five steps associated with how to behave in the closing period how to prepare for the opening and reimagine your business.

Life becomes virtual, and someone decided to release fresh pictures online again in the near future theatrical releases don’t Shine. Some festivals are also partially or entirely go to the Internet. But every one of them is also a celebration, special days in the life of a city. The breath of the festival and this movie can be felt only in the great hall, based on which the movies (with rare exceptions), the stellar track… it’s All tactile sensation, and, as correctly noted by one of the organizers of the festival in Yerevan “Golden apricot” Michael Stamboltsyan, “a tiny virus can kill tens, hundreds of thousands of people, but is unable to kill humanity, and people at all times tend to even feast during the plague”.

Someone pauses of shooting or working remotely, as Timur Bekmambetov on the new “V-2. Escape from hell,” modern technology allows. Multiples almost always create their paintings on udalenke. Producers, distributors, Directors are ready for the most critical outcome and begin to unite. That the effects of coronavirus violate the usual order of things in the film industry, it is clear to everyone.