A cold is not fun: cold, cough, sore throat, and maybe even a fever cuffs a to the own four walls. Who wrap now like to home remedies like Onion or Ingwersud attacks, gets a new one – Oh so delicious – Alternative.

Dark chocolate as a useful cough suppressants

A British study came to RTL according to the result, that chocolate coughing fits can actually help relieve. The active ingredient theobromine in chocolate is even supposed to work better, such as cough syrup.

The study by the University of Hull in the English Yorkshire consisted of 163 patients suffering from cough. To achieve meaningful results, got administered to half of the patients cough suppressants containing the active ingredient codeine, and the other half treated the head of the study with a preparation containing chocolate contained the active ingredient theobromine. This was in the study, even better than the conventional cough syrup.

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chocolate creates a protective film on the mucous membranes

The reason for this is theobromine soothes the cough reflex, because it blocks the activity of nerves. Also the consistency of chocolate helps with coughs: Chewing resulting viscous mash like a protective film over the sensitive mucous membranes in the throat, and so develop calming effect.

another advantage of chocolate is that it makes – in contrast to in cough style contained codeine learning – not tired. Codeine can make in the worst case, even. Chocolate carries a addiction factor to this, however, is a maximum in the Form of fat noticeable.

Important to know for those who want to use a cough the next Time that chocolate in the therapy of The cough is breastfeeding active ingredient theobromine, a so-called Alkaloid – an organic compound found in cocoa. Therefore, the study recommend to head to grab a chocolate with a high cocoa content.

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