Parsberg – driving With excessive aggression potential of the car can lead, under certain circumstances, to bizarre situations. So also in the case of a 30-Year-old was on Thursday on the A3 near Parsberg (Oberpfalz) on-the-go.

First out were in a hurry then slows

the police announced on Friday the man had tried to move a 59-Year-old to the lane change, in which he is from behind, shoved, and much too close. Since the 59-Year-old has not responded quickly enough, and overtook him in the 30-Year-old on the right track, and out-braked him completely.

“in Wild West-style”

Subsequently, the pushy driver got out and began “in Wild-West fashion, with fists and feet to kick against the driver’s door,” and to beat. Finally, he injured the 59-Year-old by a slap in the face. After that, the attackers fled with his car. The victim had noticed, however, the indicator, so that the 30-Year-old could already be made later. Him, a display that now threatens to.

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