Deripaska has responded to accusations of money laundering

Photo credit: TASS/Sergei Savostyanov

Businessman Oleg Deripaska commented on the publication of the Financial Times newspaper that he was involved in money laundering. On it informs “the”.

According to the businessman, the information is not true.

“It’s just rumors and gossip, is given without any proof – they would reject any court in the world,” said Deripaska.

He criticized the reasoning of the FT and noted that a letter to OFAC (Office of the U.S. Treasury Department’s foreign assets control), referenced journalists, consists of unfounded accusations.

“the Case against me is a violation of human rights and an attempt to use the legal system of the United States for political purposes,” concluded the businessman.

the U.S. Government has made Oleg Deripaska in the so-called Kremlin list. Sanctions against it and 7 businessmen and 17 officials were personal or related to their professional activities.

Subsequently, Washington lifted sanctions against companies RUSAL, En+ Group and EuroSibEnergo. However personal sanctions against Deripaska remained in force.

In March 2019, the businessman has filed a lawsuit against the us Treasury Department. According to the businessman, because of the actions of the US authorities, he has lost $ 7.5 billion. A man describes how victim of the political struggle in Washington.

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