Detained a Muscovite, who four years raping his own daughter

As it became known “MK”, March 26, in territorial Department of police addressed 36-the summer Muscovite Elena. Excited woman asked law enforcement authorities to take urgent measures to her 43-year-old wife. According to Elena, the husband from 2014 to 2018, subjected their daughter to sexual intastella. The woman said that two years ago, her 16-year-old daughter Victoria is enrolled in school in another city, where he lived in a student dormitory. Mom was a bit surprised by the choice of the girl, but let her not become. The woman noticed that the girl reluctantly comes home for the holidays, but associated it with her affection to friends.

At the end of last week, the daughter called and said that all students translate into distance learning and went home. Victoria was very upset by this news and kept saying to go home do not want. After a few days with Elena contacted the psychologist of the College. According to him, the teachers also drew attention to the apparent reluctance of the student to return to the capital, it was decided that the girl worked specialist. What turned out the psychologist after a few days of chatting with Victoria, just threw the woman in shock. The girl admitted she didn’t want to live at home because her father raped her since the age of 12. That is why she left home to study in another city. Upon returning home, the girl repeated her story to the mother.

Police detained the father of the unfortunate student. Concerning it criminal case under articles 131 and 132 of the criminal code. The suspect only partially admitted his guilt – he says he’s limited to touch.