Historian dismantler Sokolov, begging for house arrest, recalled the siege of Leningrad

the Defense insisted that Sokolov should put under house arrest, the prosecution had not seen reason. In a cage for the defendants falcons appeared in the same maroon sweater that at the previous meeting, with half-inch and slicked back hair. The historian is in a Moscow prison, the court was present via video link, in the hall of the October court the journalists were not allowed in the framework of the measures against coronavirus – I think this is the “virtual” court, where I happened to be present.

Sokolov put his glasses on, answering the judge’s questions, looked at the sheet of paper that was kept on a small table in front of me. Looked confident and solid. Attorney Pochaev (in Petersburg) the first thing we asked to be allowed to work in the process, a Moscow lawyer Gushchina, who also would be attending the meeting via video link. The court Gushchina was not allowed, as in the case was not an appropriate order. Attorney Pochaev insisted that Sokolov should be able to speak with the defender one on one. Summon the judge a break to tell Sokolov about the necessity of being close to him in Moscow next defender. It looked more like dragging out the process and work on the press that watched the broadcast of the meeting.

in Consultation with Sokolov, Pochuev, showed him the video “message to mothers” – but what was the press to find out not allowed. Then, the lawyer inquired, why there’s no “all the press” (except for the media, which led the online broadcast to colleagues). The lawyer is required to close the process, and to cancel the stream. The Prosecutor objected that in the case of a review of the evidence, containing details of intimate life of the defendant and the victim, it is possible to close a separate meeting, but the process should be open – the Prosecutor even called for a “broadcast telegram-channels” to the press and the citizens received information about the process.

Requiring the defendant to house arrest, a lawyer spoke thus: “considering his age, his state Roditelej (they are bedridden invalids, care for no one, and their condition now has deteriorated sharply). In addition to the dependent Oleg Valeryevich is two minor children. Moreover, it is necessary to complete the scientific work he started together with the victim to give them as material compensation for moral damages to the parents of the victim. The period of validity of its passport has expired, to escape he can’t.” Mentioned Pachev and pandemic coronavirus, and age Sokolova, who is at risk – “because resuscitation in jail it is difficult to conduct, the likely fatal”.

the falcons made more emotionally: “the Father is near death, he can’t walk! He gave all the energy, all the health in the service of the Motherland. He was irradiated and wounded, doing duty as an officer. The father I’ll never see, if I am not able to for some time is with him. He remained a few months, maybe more. Mom lived under the bombs in the besieged Leningrad. I want to say goodbye to their parents, to help them a little, to solve financial questions! This is all I ask for my parents. Leaving me in custody, you deprive me of the opportunity to say goodbye to my parents. It’s not so much cruel to me as to him.”

-Oleg Valeryevich, you start again! You hear what says the court? – appealed to him the judge. Falcons or not heard, or pretended that does not hear, but continued to interrupt the judge. The judge also read out the appeal of the lawyer of the victims: there are reminded that elderly parents Sokolov lived for many years, and it is necessary to leave custody. “That’s such a repressive position – the result of the demonization of Oleg Sokolov!” said Pochaev. The prosecution considered that under house arrest Sokolova you should not let go – not least because witnesses for the defense are likely to be declared neighbors and relatives Sokolov, in which he, once free, will be able to influence.

In the end, the judge appointed the beginning of the case in creaturesfrom April 9 (when the deadline for content of the historian in custody). Also Sokolova left the detention by six months, until September 2023.

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