Historian dismantler Sokolov cried in court:

asking for house arrest, the lawyer Sokolova said that the historian needs to care for elderly father and mother. According to counsel, the health of the parents Sokolov — very poor, they are de facto care of bedridden patients. Grandchildren under the age of majority and also require the supervision of his father. Another argument of protection of scientific work on which Sokolov, the lawyer, began to work together with Eschenko and going by writing, to convey to the relatives of the murdered girl.

the defense asked to appoint house arrest not in the apartment of the historian, where the murder was committed, and the apartment of the father and mother Sokolov.

During a speech on the occasion of this petition, the accused in the murder of PhD student historian begged the court to release him for dealing with the imminent funeral of still living parents.

“I call out to show humanity not to me, I will apply severe punishment, and I accept. But my mom 4 days later turns 86 years old. Father is near death, he will not live till my return,” told the judge Sokolov.

According to Sokolova his father gave all his energy to military service, conducted 42 nuclear tests on Novaya Zemlya had been irradiated, was wounded and is now in serious condition.

“He’ll never see me again, if I am not able to be with him. He got unlucky son, but for that to make it impossible to see my son? He left to live maybe a few months,” shouting at the conference from a Moscow jail ex-teacher of St. Petersburg state University.

the 63-year-old defendant lamented the fact that his mother is also in a difficult situation, and parents have no one to bring food, they are afraid of social services, because bad move.

“I’m asking for the chance to say goodbye to their parents, to help them to solve the issues related to their future funeral. Just for the sake of asking them, for my parents, whom I may never see”, — appealed to the court of the Professor.

In turn, the lawyer addIl that to exert pressure on witnesses and the investigating authorities falcons can not, because the criminal investigation has been completed. The passport of the historian, according to the defender, is on the renewal, therefore, to leave the territory of Russia he, too, will fail.

Touched Pachev or COVID-19. According to the lawyer, he feared that, if he be infected with a new coronavirus infection, while in custody, he will not be able to provide adequate medical care and the inability of resuscitation in pre-trial detention centre will lead to death.

the Lawyer of relatives of the murdered 24-year-old graduate students voiced the position of their principals, stating that they are opposed to home detention.

the Prosecutor also pointed out that among the witnesses — the mother and father Sokolov and their neighbors. In the opinion of the representative of the Supervisory authority, while under house arrest, killed his lover, the historian can persuade them to change their testimony. Pachev said this, that the testimony of the parents are exceptionally positive, and to change them is absurd.

Sokolov also added that leaving him under arrest, the court will not punish him, and his parents.

the Judge took into account the statements of all parties and decided that the historian will remain in custody. The first court session on the criminal case is scheduled for April 9, 2022.

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