Died of pneumonia editor-in-chief of the Perm edition was infected with the coronavirus

according to the newspaper 59.ru in the Ministry of health of the Perm region confirmed that Petrova had coronavirus infection. The Ministry added that the result of the second test became known only on 2 April. The publication presents the correspondence of Peter in a Telegram, from which it follows that she knew about the positive result of the second test.

In the correspondence with the familiar March 24, Petrov has said he feels very bad, but believes that “it is not the crown”. However, on March 28, she wrote that the second test for coronavirus was positive.

on the Eve of 1 April, the Minister of health of region Oksana Melekhov said that the re-analysis COVID-19 showed a negative result, but he was “not very clear”, so he was sent to the Federal hub for verification.

“this morning came the official response, the second test is positive,” – said the head of the Perm Ministry of health.

it is Worth noting that during the illness Petrova was leading an online diary in a social network, in which he talked about his health. The first publication is dated March 23, and it mentions characteristic symptoms of coronavirus – sharply rising temperature, sore throat and hard cough.

“Called the doctor, reported on the contacts with newcomers from abroad (I have three of them, but all arrived more than 14 days ago), listened to “Oh, hell…” from the Manager. Waiting for the doctor,” writes Petrova in Facebook.

the next day, March 24, a new record, which was the last. It Petrov reported that came to her intensive care with the ventilator.

on Tuesday, March 31, it became known that the 36-year-old journalist died.

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