The man was a multimillionaire and bought my wife a new fridge

Photo: AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

a Resident of the U.S. state of Oregon received a free raffle ticket and become a multimillionaire, according to “”.

Robert McCauley checked previously purchased lottery ticket, and received as a prize another ticket. The latter, in turn, was a happy man hit the jackpot at USD 6.3 million.

the winner Later admitted that he “was calm like a boa constrictor”. Won the money he decided to buy his wife a new refrigerator, and the truck.

Earlier, the French had received 163 million euros for a lost lottery ticket. The man lost the ticket on the street, and later picked up by a woman. Immediately after loss detection the owner of the winning ticket turned to the national lottery operator with evidence that it has rights to the money. Later the dispute was resolved in his favor.

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