The actor Nicolás Dueñas, a prominent figure fundamentally in the world of theatre and television in the past 50 years, died Saturday in Madrid because of a cancer at the age of 78. One of the last survivors of the legendary Spanish Theatre University of Madrid, where he gave his first steps in the world of acting, Owning never hid his true addiction for the theatre, half in the one who always excelled whether it was the protagonist or one of those supporting players, so reputable in the scenarios Spanish.

however, it was required by great filmmakers since his debut in 1966 in the movie The search, of Angelino Fons. Later, he served in roles of deal on several occasions to Pilar Miró (The crime of Cuenca, Gary Cooper, who art in heaven and Your name poisons my dreams), and also in the Divine words of José Luis García Sánchez. In the theatre itself addressed important papers highlighting their work on Angelina or the honour of a brigadier, The marquise Rosalinda, Hair, Toc Toc (the Actors Union he was awarded as best leading actor) or honey Flavor. His participation in numerous productions was constant from 1975 to work in Godspell, one of the very few musicals, conceived as the contemporary, which could be seen in Spain in those years. From there addressed texts from the Spanish baroque, passing by grecolatinos, contemporary authors and new stage languages, working for directors very different as Angel Fernández Montesinos, José Luis Alonso, José Luis García Sánchez, Joaquín Life, Esteve Ferrer, Laila Ripoll, José Carlos Plaza and Gustavo Pérez Puig, among many others.

As happens with many actors, the prestige reaches them from the theatre, however, the popularity he earned by his many works in television, and especially the last few years for his participation in the series Here there who live. Although, since the decade of the sixties of the last century was to a face normal of TVE, as are tens works that intervened, especially in the so much longed for dramatic spaces as Study 1 or Theater of always, where the side of his partner and friend Juan Diego formed deals legendary. In 1984, she starred in the series Things two, next to Covadonga Chains and Margot Cottens, and subsequently participated in The business of ” mom, The band of Perez and Agent 700, among other series.

Married for several decades with producer Maria Navarro, with whom he had two daughters, Ana and Lola (today a renowned actress), was also partner of his colleague of profession, Emma Ozores and years ago Mar Fernández. In addition, fed other passions for him unquestionable: the Atletico Madrid, the flamenco, and his grandson Nicholas.

Nicolás Dueñas will be cremated tomorrow, Sunday, at 14.30 pm at the Funeral a highway South of Toledo where they are located the funeral chapel.


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