question To the beginning of a quiz: Which company has made in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, 702 million Dollar loss? You don’t come? Then we try it this way: What are the Board boss, which group has not only continuously murder in trouble with the exchange Supervisory authority of his country, so that a Chaperone had to be put to the side so the Lord sent continuously via Twitter similar nonsense in the business world as the current US President is doing it with fondness? And on top of that, the said Manager, of course, is the Best of his caste has been completed, no financial year with a profit. Do you remember? Clearly, the company is called Tesla, and the chief Elon Musk.

The latest message from earlier this week makes no hope that the financial situation of the electric car could improve the manufacturer for the foreseeable future, only minimal. Musk has the employees of his auto group in an e-Mail on tough austerity measures for the company, sworn. American media reports that Musk fears the company could run out within ten months of the money. Musk and chief financial officer Zach Kirkhorn, to terminate, with the drastic words, “all expenses of any kind around the world, including parts, salaries, travel costs, Rent, to check literally each payment leaving the Bank account”. The savings program had become, despite a recent capital increase of two billion dollars needed.

“chaos days” in the case of Tesla Elon Musk was from bearer of hope to the greatest strain,

Tesla CEO Elon Musk publicly in a Joint – actually, no big deal, you might say. However, in the current Situation of the bizarre acts almost, as the entrepreneur put it, to destroy the last confidence in his leadership qualities.

DPA Tesla’s stock is plummeting

This is Red alert. Accordingly, the stock market reacted: The price for the securities was closing on the 22. May only 177 euros (204 dollars) for one share. In the meantime, even including. A gigantic crash, because on 14. December 2018, the paper still just under 330 euros. The California stock market analysis house Wedbush with offices in Los Angeles, said that “Tesla would now have to lie down for a Kilimanjaro-like rise, as the prospect, in the second half of the year … in the profit zone”.

“Teslaquila” schnapps idea, or a million-Coup? Elon Musk wants to bring Tequila on the market

He is always good for a Surprise: Elon Musk wants to sell in the future, Tequila. That he could have success with it, shows another example.

And the Wedbush analysts wonder about the group policy: Tesla was involved with the Expansion in the insurance sector, robot taxis, and Science-Fiction projects, instead of focusing on the sales of the Model 3 and cost reductions. Cool heads questions in the face of such Figures, estimates and negative news after the market value of a company, to be able to see how sought-after shares in the company. Thus, the value of all the shares in a company is meant to be based on the market price. Experts speak in the context of market capitalization. The location is currently to Howl: June, 2017 the stock exchange value of Tesla’s was gigantic about 61 billion dollars (55 billion euros), now towards the end of may in 2019, he has halved with only around 34 billion dollars (31 billion euros) quasi. As to this horrible crash Elon Musks statement from the beginning of may fit, which he expected in the medium term, with a market value of $ 500 billion, because of Tesla’s activities would pay off in the Trend to Autonomous Driving, remains his secret. So reported it to the U.S. channel CNBC, Musk has declared in a conference call to investors.

Not only in purely economic terms, most of it has been running for years, brutally wrong in the case of Tesla, most unfriendly landscape shots come completely unexpectedly from a page that you could believe that you would have to applaud Tesla’s activities violently. But far from it: mobility expert and Ex-members of Greenpeace’s Wolfgang Lohbeck leaves no good hair at the electric car manufacturer. He told the süddeutsche Zeitung recently: “What makes this company, is the dumbest and most obscene variant of the electro-mobility. To move a Three-ton truck, with extreme acceleration values, which can be ecological and not social. This is a waste of energy, this is a waste of resources, this is a waste of space and that is antisocial.“ A total of Lohbeck believes it is wrong to rely exclusively on electric mobility. It’ll go to the mass that must be moved because the heavy weight will need a lot of energy. Also green power is neither “clean” nor in vain, he was even more precious. “That’s why it is not good, if the VW with the new model ID is electrified, the top weight class, as the other manufacturers make, but in the mass segment of lighter vehicles approach.”


Elon Musk says: It was a “truly historic quarter” for Tesla.

©John Raoux DPA

bogged down Elon Musk?

tried it Tesla with the Model 3. But that doesn’t seem at least to be currently legal. And on top of that, half of the deliveries of the older models S and X to 12,100 vehicles in the last quarter were at the same time. The re-slipping into the red a setback for Musk – after it seemed that Tesla could economies with highly driven production of the Model 3, finally, sustainably and profitably. Now the company expects in the current quarter of the year with a loss before it again in the third quarter in the black. The results of a quarter to throw in analysts, once again, key questions on the future of Tesla: How big is the market for electric vehicles is up to date at all? And Tesla can run its business profitably and sustainably? The Model 3 is supposed to open up to Musks Plan of Tesla to a wider market, and thus to the Central Money maker be, to Finance the further Expansion. The company is currently preparing for the start of production of electric-semi-trailer, as well as the Compact SUV Model Y on Model 3 Basis. This year, Tesla 2 to 2.5 billion dollars to invest. Tesla paid back in March due debt of 900 million dollars, the money reserves fell within a period of three months from 3.7 to 2.2 billion dollars. In November, the next big debt repayment is due in the amount of about $ 500 million.

E-mobility Tesla includes almost all of the stores – in order to save his model 3

For the car sale is a classic way to Huhwarranty. Tesla boss Elon Musk dares to have a radical cut: contracts for the purchase of the E-cars will soon be able to complete online only. As a result, the price for the model 3 to decrease.

DPA Tesla is under pressure

apart From unwavering stock-market optimists, it is the widespread opinion among analysts in the US: The company had problems with its balance sheet, Board members would constantly come and go. In addition, the CEO would often act very strange. Only recently, the car maker put the red pencil, line and structured the Team working on an important pilot project. And an Analyst is not working properly in the harp: “In comparison to the short-term demand for Tesla is not only grown too strong”, said Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley. In his opinion drawing the bloodletting in the Management, the discounts and the austerity measures announced by the image of a company that was under pressure. Given the high debt burden and dependence on demand from China, which could break due to the trade dispute with the United States, must be expected in the worst case, with a crash, the Tesla share price to ten dollars.

in other words: Apparently, it looks at Tesla zapping duster.


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