Doctor recommended to sleep without clothes for a full recovery

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the Habit of sleeping in clothes can lead to sleep disturbance. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to the chief freelance specialist of the Department of health on primary health care of adult population Andrew Tyazhelnikova.

He noted that in clothes people may take longer to fall asleep and often Wake up during the night. Tyazhelnikov explained that the process of immersion of a person in sleep may be disrupted because of the clothes that provoke overheating of the body.

“Before drifting into sleep, the human body cools – this is normal, lower temperature contributes to quality rest. If there are no clothes, the extra layer between the body and the blanket does not overheat”, – said the expert.

He added that the habit of sleeping without clothes can also contribute to hardening and improving the condition of blood vessels and muscles.

the doctor said that lovers sleeping naked need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the linen and use only high quality detergent. If the habit of sleeping in clothes to give hard, doctor recommends that you choose pyjamas loose-fitting natural fabrics.

“it may be more Useful to sleep in clothes made from natural fabrics. This tissue supports the heat balance, moisture absorption, is excreted in sweat. It is believed that the best fabric for night clothing – cotton or silk,” – said the expert.

the Doctor advises before bedtime ventilate the room, remove all light sources to get rid of distracting noise. At night also, do not overeat and abuse alcohol, the expert added.

Earlier, the President of the Russian society of sleep Roman Borzunov told me what the duration should be day dream. According to him, the main thing that he “did not precompositional” night’s sleep.

Borzunov stressed that one should not sleep more than an hour. If a person usually goes to bed at 22-23 hours a day you can take a NAP not later than 16 hours.

Workingm night shifts you can sleep three or four hours immediately after returning home. In this case, the person will not experience sleepiness during the day and can sleep at night.

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