Doctors have created a new method for diagnosis of coronavirus


Doctors have found a way to more quickly determine the infection with coronavirus. A new method of diagnosis of disease is based on the analysis of the level of leucocytes in the blood of patients, reports TASS.

Molecular biologists from China found that traces of Wuhan pneumonia can be detected with almost 80% probability in that case, if the patient is recorded unusually low numbers of immune cells discharge of eosinophils.

“Almost immediately after the start of the epidemic a great number of patients with cough and fever rushed to hospital. As a result, doctors simply did not have time to diagnose and send the infected to quarantine,” the message reads.

the Disease was identified using a simplified method due to the fact that not enough consumables for genetic testing, but also because of the abundance of false-negative diagnoses. Doctors have to rely on the presence of symptoms and imaging data.

Now scientists have found out that a low number of blood eosinophils subtype of white blood cells – almost all cases were associated with infection.

it is Noted that the infected citizens of these cells was twice and even three times less than other people.

on average, carriers of 2019-nCoV eosinophils was 2-3 times less than in other patients.

Experts believe that with the new method the quality of diagnosis of diseases will be improved. In addition, doctors hope to slow the further spread of the coronavirus.

In December, 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan has been an outbreak of the coronavirus. Today we know about the victims of the 2004 COVID-19. The total number of infected exceeded 74.1 thousand people. 14.3 thousand were discharged from hospitals after recovery.

In this regard, the PRC citizens denied entry to Russia since February 20. The restriction applies both to tourist travel and private.

Previously, scientists found a new method of treating coronavirus. Using the new method of already deleted files.moose to cure ten patients.

the PRC Citizens denied entry to Russia from February 20

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