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unseasonably warm weather will continue over almost the entire territory of the country at least until early next week. This is stated on the website meteorologist.

“Anomaly of the air temperature is on average 8-12 degrees above zero in the North of the Urals and Siberia – to +16 degrees,” – said in the message.

Forecasters say that in the coming days the background temperature in the city is projected to be above normal by 4-8 degrees. However, the city will set cloudy with clearings weather, sometimes possible precipitation in the form of rain.

Wednesday, February 19, was beaten temperature record of 1925 to this day. The thermometers at the weather station VDNH as at 0:00 Wednesday showed a value of 4.3 degrees above zero.

Eve was also broken the record for heat. So, the air in the capital warmed up to 5 degrees. The previous record was recorded in 1949 and 4.4 degrees with a plus sign.

Earlier, the chief specialist of the Moscow Weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova said that in late February, the citizens will see the abnormally warm weather. It is expected that the thermometer will rise above plus of five degrees.

Before that, about the reasons for the unusually warm winter, expressed the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand. He noted that the weather associated with air masses from the Atlantic, which supplanted the cold is coming from Siberia.

Head of the laboratory of hydrometeorological center of Russia Lyudmila Parshina said that in Moscow in the first month of spring, the projected temperature near normal or slightly above. At night there is frost to -5 degrees, and in the afternoon the air will warm up to 6 degrees Celsius.

this March can repeat the scenario 1984, when the temperatures mostly fluctuated around the zero mark and only on some days increased to + 5-6 degrees Celsius.

Weather: unusually warm weather expected in the capital

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