Doctors told about the dangers of men's health when working with laptop on your knees

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko

Endocrinologist-urologist Yevgeny Grekov told Moscow 24 that men who when you have a laptop, put the device to his knees, exposing their reproductive function.

“Any radiation effects on spermatogenesis, – said the Greeks. – Reduced the number and quality of sperm, decreases the secretion of testosterone”.

the Expert noted that this may have a negative effect on future offspring. “Disturbed morphology of the spermatozoon, that is, its external and internal structure. The chance of a miscarriage from a man increases. The fetus receives less of a capacity for survival and further development. Before the fifth week of pregnancy may be an independent miscarriage,” – said the Greeks.

to avoid radiation from laptop, the doctor recommends to place it on the table – minimum distance of 30 centimeters from the knees. The Greeks also advised not to put the mobile phone in pants pockets and next to the pillow, as it can have a negative effect on the brain.

In turn, urologist-andrologist of the highest qualification category Taras Ashitkov also encourages men not to keep the computer on your lap. Although the expert stressed that research in this area studies unreliable.

“It’s definitely not improves the reproductive function, but the question is, how worsens. Given the fact that we probably don’t know that it’s harmless, why not to protect. We must proceed from the worst scenario,” – said Ashitkov.

Days from 30 March to 3 April officially declared. However, some of the Russians whose presence in the workplace is not required, I want to continue to perform the duties of the house. Also work remotely, the continuously operating organizations.

on March 29, Sergey Sobyanin imposed restrictions on movement around the city. From the apartment you can go only in cases of emergency medical aid and other direct threats to life and healthview, commute to work (if required).

to get out of the house it is possible to make purchases from the store or pharmacy. Allowed the walking of Pets at a distance not exceeding 100 meters from the residence.

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