Duchess Kate at a Charity event in London

©imago/i Images

As a mother of three children, Duchess Kate (37), about what she speaks white: At a charity event in London, she discussed how stressful parenting can be. The wife of Prince William (36), said according to British media reports on the launch of the project “family line”, a counseling center, to assist parents and children: “Everyone is experiencing the same battle. It is so hard.”

in Addition, is said to have told Kate: “One gets as a mother is a lot of support with the Baby, especially in the first period, but from the age of one year the way.” After that, it was only many books that one could read, Kate. Together with Prince William, the 37-Year-old has the five-year-old Prince George, Princess Charlotte (3) and Prince Louis, who came in April 2018.



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