August Achleitner, has a Job, to him, any engineer envious. Not to mention sports car-lovers. Achleitner is in charge at Porsche, the development of the 911 and is, therefore, something like the guardians of the pure sports car theory. Most of the time this is a dream job, but every six to eight years weighing on Achleitner, a particularly high pressure.

Then the engineer must bring a new Generation on the way, out of millions of Elfer Fans will million penalty critics. Achleitner must optimize a car that is already regarded as the ideal sports car. And when it comes to the Fans, he makes the best so that everything remains the same.

a Phase by lives or a better conductor said through the Series again. After seven years, the Generation of the 991 rolls out so slowly on the old part, and Achleitner sets out with his Team last Hand of the eighth edition of the classic. The New wears internally, the abbreviation 992 and is presented at the end of November at the auto show in Los Angeles, in the spring of 2019, he is coming in the trade.

the major criticism he doesn’t need to this time, however: neither the Design – the front with a more sculpted fenders back a little closer to the Original, a more harmonious Silhouette gets, and only the rear really looks new, because it lights other rear and a modified Spoiler; for the interior – the all-too-futuristic gizmos such as the Panamera spared. The new penalty is a digital instrument, but it retains as a Central display, an analog tachometer.

At the largest, the relief of the Fans will be looking to the rear. For months the rumors seethed kitchen, the worst was feared. The farewell from the sucker was heavy and painful. But four-cylinder for the penalty, or even an E-engine – you don’t want to even imagine.

fortunately, not August Achleitner. The new platform offers space for a Plug-in Hybrid drive. However, because the batteries are still too heavy and too sluggish, the earliest in three to four years. And engines with fewer than six cylinders, the series Director wants to know nothing. Lucky!

Instead, he relies on the well-known and tried-and-tested motors. Which have been optimised yet again, have a little more power and are more efficient for a bit, and because you will get a particulate filter, they are, according to Porsche also clean. The new dual-clutch, which now has eight instead of seven gears. The penalty will, however, continue to as a hand switch. You were lucky this time!

it starts in the spring with the Carrera, which comes to 450 HP and 530 Nm in 3.7 seconds to 100 kph sprints and casual the 300 mark crack. Thereafter, the base penalty will follow with a future total of 385 HP as well as GTS and Turbo.

Instead of the Revolution when the drive has taken Achleitner, the Evolution of driving: “We wanted the balancing act between extreme sportiness and the highest daily use continue to spread,” says the series Director during the first ride around San Francisco with only slightly camouflaged prototypes.

water Warner fits ESP-programming

There, the new penalty shows that he continues to be the perfect all-rounder. In city traffic, handy, and clearly, on the Highway relaxed and now even with a minimal set of assistance systems such as lane guidance, help, and distance from Warner and on the road sharper than ever. This is not least due to the mixed-size tyres, with the narrow wheels in front for easier Steering and thick Slippers in the back, which can transmit more power.

It only takes two, three curves, the Seating is a little steeper, engages a fixed to the steering Wheel, rotates to the still, unfortunately, pretty poor acting, thumbwheel next to the steering wheel hub and put the car in sport mode. All of a sudden it’s not about the Arriving, the way is now the target.

“a sports car with plenty of power, wide tires and rear wheel drive in the wet is sometimes a Problem,” says Achleitner. Sure, you can compensate for that with a four-wheel drive, it is also for the new penalty.

But that inexperienced drivers do not come to Swim, Porsche has developed a kind of water-Warner, which is based on sound. A microphone analyzes the noise in the wheel well, you can recognize that there is a spray of water and then firstly a warning light in the Cockpit, igniting, and secondly, the ESP-programming and customizing explains Achleitner.

A driver assistance system that can be in Germany, at the test drives in California, it is superfluous. And if Porsche pulls the end of November in Los Angeles the cloth from the ungetarnten Elfer, will appear with high probability as well as the sun.

not Yet left the only reason why a project Manager Achleitner. Because what can hope the other only, is for him a certainty: The penalty is, and remains, in his opinion, the best all-rounder among sports cars.

And criticism roll off of him. The part of the model changes in a Porsche.


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