After the third wine, and on the last night of my holiday it keeps my Croatian landlord. “I’m not a lesbian,” she says. “But I wanted to tell you how beautiful you are.” Then you are looking at Instagram to a fashion photo. It shows a long-haired Models in leggings, fluttering, asymmetrical cut Shirts and Stilettos, everything in White. “Would look great on you.”

Interesting idea. I have short, brown hair with some grey, this evening I’m wearing sneakers and a bright red pants, and matching lipstick. The main thing is that, colorful. Often I do other colorful. Recently, a Boutique owner in Marseille hugged me for a light blue Outfits; in Sydney, a hip Asian girl whispered to me in a Pink/Purple Tag to be shy: “You so cool.” And now the feedback: unfortunately, ungeil.

at Night, I lie awake, because of all the wine, but also because of the Croatian broadside, hit a sensitive point. Just about the hair, I’ve been thinking already. Earlier, with long brown Curls, I had, in fact, significantly more suitors. Now verse I dove in the shelf, the forty-something Singles. It would be time to come, Women and men visually? Less Fashion-Clown, more Vamp? On the other hand: my beautiful, long-haired Girlfriends, for which men once against lanterns burned, put from 40 cobwebs. And I actually like how I look, including the supposedly unweiblicher Features such as trained Biceps and white temples.

The longer I think about the gap between subjective feeling and objective impression, the more I quarrel. I would be a man who triumphed, I now, with nearing 50 at the peak of my attractiveness. This has just confirmed only in a study by the University of Michigan, the requests Dating portals analyzed. The frustrating news for women 18 and day by day we are unattractive, in addition, a turn-off to a lot of education.

And now? The doctor title again? Me in High Heels crushing? My orthopedist of the Latter discourages because of my Halux urgently: “If the foot is not so wide that you can escape to a canadian forest fire, he belongs in Louboutins.” The hair will remain. The Croatian had a Topidee, so a Top Gun idea. While she fumbled with one Hand on her updo around, searched with the other for a photo of Kelly McGillis from the year 1986. That was the one that shook the Curls in the Film alongside Tom Cruise blonde, semi-long.

googling the Same time, can’t sleep. Haha, the Good today is a gray short hair and is a lesbian. Also an idea. I’m now wide awake and yet so tired. Always, these exhortations to the blonde full of femininity. I remember suddenly back to the Ex that wanted me to blondiere my hair. It am he. And the other one that asked me, no more Jackets to the hip node. To unsexy. And anyway, I bend over to inelegant to me. A friend advised me, my Golden glasses to scrap. “Wise guy.” There is already the Hashtag #meegal?

But hey, I don’t want to verbiestern, always with the Styling ideas. Come spring, I’ll try it once with the Croatian leggings Look. To Carnival. And what are you going as? As A Woman.

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