Dropping my kids off at the airport dad want to limit the parental rights

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the Prosecutor’s office of Khabarovsk Krai intends to limit parental rights of Victor Gavrilova, who left two children at Sheremetyevo airport. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the public Prosecutor Alexander Petrov.

“the Protection we were provided with data that is dependent on the Gavrilova are two children. No dependent children had not, of his children, he left Sheremetyevo airport, children are brought up by the mother. In the near future the question of the restriction of his parental rights,” said Petrov.

In turn, Gavrilov said that the grounds for restricting his parental rights. His action, the man explained that he did it for the children. According to him, the children he left at the airport in a safe place, and if they were with him, he would not be able to feed them.

the Man also accused his former wife of stealing money and threatening the lives of children, stating that she was wanted. Gavrilov noted that the woman handed over the children in the house and ran away.

the children’s Father added that none of her friends knew that she lives in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. He told me that in her new family didn’t even know about the existence of two children. The man stressed that for the whole of their family life had never been beaten, as previously reported.

Earlier, the Central district court of Khabarovsk sent under arrest the man until 13 April. A man accused of committing crimes under article “Leaving in danger”, “Torment” and “Theft”.

According to investigators, the detainee not only abandoned children in an unfamiliar place, but was systematically beaten by his ex-wife, and stole money from a friend.

on January 26, the father left the two boys aged 5 and 8 years at Sheremetyevo airport and flew to Rostov-on-don. In relation to men a criminal case was initiated.

Later the children performed in school and a kindergarten in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. They lived with his grandmother until February 14, they are not handed to the mother.

Left Sheremetyevo children gave mother

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