Drug treatment dread quarantine: how not to binge

— During the quarantine, the number of view my sites about the output from the binge has increased several times. Colleagues drug treatment already preparing for a rise in the number of calls — I think that it would be in the new year holidays. Of course, if raging is a real epidemic, the consumption of alcohol has decreased: people would spend all the forces of the body to avoid Contracting the disease. And now the situation is such as if the apartment wife sat down to browse through several seasons ladies of the series, and her husband remained nothing how to buy the “blue” and SIP some boredom.

But generally “is” contributes to alcoholism: in the morning no need to work, no one will see, no control and the king in the head… I have a client — a very intelligent, earns bitcoins. But a fan of “designer” drugs. He sits at home and consumes it all. When he had somewhere to go, and the nervous system exhausted, I put him energeticara dropper.

“Instead of the psychiatrist can come to the nurse and even a surgeon”

the Departure of a psychiatrist in the house — not quite illegal story: the provision of specialized medical care at home is prohibited. Therefore, all of the licenses that will show you the General psychiatrist, written on the knee. And the main people in the clinics who work for the visit to the customer — operator, which motivates more qualitative and expensive treatment. They take good money just for the call itself, and the client might say no. Legally to advertise their services is dangerous, I’m passed from hand to hand customers — or simply earn. But can you call at any time — and often asked to go right now. I always carry a backpack with all the supplies.

the Market exists because there is demand. The government and law enforcement agencies turn a blind eye, because he understands that people need it, and their colleagues are such a help use. You never know who at the wedding of the daughter can out-drink, and then another few days to celebrate.

But it may happen that the salese not want to say, let’s call it PE. We are not gods — and the specialist something to confuse. And in this area revolve not only anesthesiologists and resuscitators (these at least will not die), but also surgeons, paramedics and other doctors on the job.

there was a case last summer. Calling a woman with a 12 day yelling into the phone that dies. I said to her, “Maybe you’d better CPR?” She: “No, son, come!” Calls 5-6 times, then lays. The evening still to come. Ten minutes from the moment I pressed the bell, she opened the door. With a very high body mass and feet with “elephantiasis” (swelling, lymphedema). In the apartment the smell is strong: the window sealed even in the winter, the room feces scattered on the floor, in bed — the contents of the bladder.

Measure oxygen: 66, despite the fact that below the 85 — man loses consciousness. Gaining an IV, insert the fourth part of phenazepam, so it was released. She in my eyes begins to fade, to turn blue, the pulse thready, dying… Think I’m her artificial respiration to do, I’ll rip from these smells! And behind all this time the cat bites. Starting CPR… Thank God, alive.

In such cases, we can provide first aid — do manipulation, which will not allow right now to the light to leave. And call an ambulance to take the goods for yourself.

Without the consent of the patient is also help is not provided. Relatives often say, “look, he’s insane!” This is true, but insanity is a legal concept, it is established by a Committee composed of not one doctor. But sometimes, when I see that the “boy” of 55, the mother of his 85 and they live on her pension… And she said, “for God’s Sake, keep him asleep.” And then go forward. Passes as an Indian bison, also you left out that the guy doing him a sedative shot.

But here it is possible to. The day came to the patient — a woman working profession, brutal. Watch: daughter under the table shaking, the man with a bandaged hand. Well lall right, I think. The bout was more than a week, veins are seen. The client looks… One look can kill. I said, “I’ll Go to the car, the medications will take.” In fact, all along, just wanted to escape. And she’s with me, ostensibly to smoke. The driver started the engine, opened the door, shouting: “Sit down!” I’m running it with me: “Bitch! Don’t leave!” Jumped on the run — and left.

“the Average customer — male age 45, who had a good career”

back To addiction is treated mainly on the second stage of alcoholism, when there is a detailed withdrawal syndrome and cannot manage alone. Youth — mainly in the first stage and to proceed to the second, it will take 10-15 years. To 33-35 people just don’t have time to make this transition.

the youngest patient was 26 years, with end-stage cirrhosis of the liver: she was polerovirus already above the pubes, occupying the entire abdominal cavity. A few days or weeks before death the woman had a husband — comes from Asian States, 4 years older than her dad. Dad appeared at the end of the action — came from the iron door for a second. Then he explained that he’s hiding behind that door from the companions of the daughter.

Average portrait of a man 45 years of age, who was achieving at work, was Deputy chief or chief. Or inherited a few apartments away. There was a rise, plateau, and phase of the downward slope, which will roll and drink until biological failure — the transition to the third stage of alcoholism. When alcohol has become a part of the metabolism need, as proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

I Knew a man: in the 33 years he has cirrhosis of the liver has begun, and at 27 was the chef of a good restaurant, a Michelin-star level. 34 he was buried. When buried, the mother in the grave behind him rushed grief.

What profession is the most drinkers? Mostly office plankton. There were journalists. Professor.

Caused me even a psychiatrist from the state hospital. Ask: “What on RAthe bot didn’t work?” — “I’m shunned,” he says. Once treated head nurse of hospital: spree at the wedding.

they were customers who followed me sent bodyguards expensive cars. Godochek them train and then they say, dropped. Or turn the first time, and I see that people already treated. I think they change the drug treatment, so as not to seem “permanent”. Although they say such things, the materials are outstanding for themselves. But so, apparently, influential, that this “dandruff” like a regular doctor, not afraid.

“Start with joy and end up”making

Alcohol produces hormones of joy: formed in the liver substance, the precursor of endorphins. In the processing of waste from this chemical “factory of happiness” are formed formaldehyde, acetic acid and stress hormones. Therefore, any alcoholic there comes a time when endorphin is produced less and stress hormones — more. Man once say, “All do not drink, become smart”. In fact, he has just not produced these “happy hormones” and alcohol is not fun.

approximately 10% of the people who have been unlucky: the concentration of endorphins in the processing of alcohol in them six times higher than the average population. We call it malignant alcoholism: drinks are so strong euphoria that they are more likely to become addicted over and over, trying to extract happiness from the bottle.

Another 7 percent are people with very highly developed intelligence, like Sherlock Holmes, able to control even the intake of opioids. They drink a lot, but not adjusted to the extreme. You can’t teach — they just lucky, and those who take their example, not having a background like that, I could die.

About 25% of all experience from alcohol hypnotic, calming effect. They are least threatened by the relationship.

Another type of alcoholism is aesthetic. A rich man who collects expensive wine and can be distinguishedü crop of 50-year 60-th. The dark times came, the stocks of honey varietals is over, and today he did not scruple to buy alcohol cheap in the store. Because you have already trained your brain to endorphins not from sports, sex, walking, and alcohol. Starting with aesthetic, came to ordinary alcoholism. So I do not like this stupid word “Vino” — as if I wish to downplay its danger. Today the girl is drinking on Fridays with a friend a good wine, and tomorrow is Wednesday afternoon, upset the bottle, not waiting for a girlfriend. Because there was primary pathological craving for alcohol — a symptom of the second stage. It may last for another 20-25 years, and then start shutting down organs, cirrhosis, and metabolism does not work anymore without alcohol. This is the third and last stage.

“the Psychiatrist prolongs life”

the Psychiatrist with 20 years of experience, Eugene Shahin confirms that our hero is told corresponds to reality. Therefore, if the bout lasts more than three days, advises to address to the specialist in the clinic or to the tested person.

the Doctor notes that with the emergence of a national culture appeal to drug treatment is increasing and the age of survival of alcoholics. If earlier the life of an alcoholic was over about 45 years, now Eugene takes out binge people under 80.

— the Use of alcohol shortens life, and the psychiatrist reduces this reduction. But the appeal is not just for emergency treatment, but also for the systematic treatment of alcoholism. The main features of the transition to the second stage: the loss of quantitative, qualitative and situational control. For example, go with a friend in a bar, and he’s already on the way offers to drink, not to buy a good cognac, and what you already have, and before reaching the institution, already drunk.

you need to be Wary of the appearance of unmotivated desire to drink, without reason; when increasing the dose (while the friends are drinking the second glass, the man at the second stage, already reaching for a fourth), as well ase when control is lost and amnesia in a condition of strong intoxication.

Even in young people with regular use of alcohol depresses the nervous system shuts down the metabolic processes — its decay products worsen the condition of the skin, and the “war hormone” cortisol can give the female person male traits and lead to the loss of fertility.

to ease a hangover, the doctor advises to consume vitamins B6, drugs citric and succinic acids, which can be bought without a prescription. And also forms a polyion solution — elementary a thick compote of dried fruits or pickles without vinegar and Caucasian known cure for a hangover — tan or ayran. Just not straight from the fridge — not to cause an increase in pressure.

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