Instead to 300 hours of hand work, this special McLaren Senna after 4.935 hours. The car does not bring with 1,700 kilograms of also 500 kilograms more than the “normal” McLaren Senna and to the part can also. The reason is found quickly: it is a Lego model in the original size.

McLaren Senna of almost half a Million LEGO

The unusual supercar was developed in collaboration between McLaren and Lego. Months, 42 men and women have built from the Lego-Build Team 467.854 Lego bricks to plan the McLaren Senna and rebuild it. The Build itself has been done up to ten model farmers in 2,725 existing hours.

+ is An almost perfect copy of the McLaren of Senna.© McLaren

the Lego model of the original parts of the McLaren of Senna. The driver’s seat, for example, is made of carbon. Also the steering Wheel, pedals, and wheels come car from the real super sport. You can also put in the Lego car, but need to be removed, the doors of the McLaren. With a push of a button on the roof, roaring the engine of the McLaren of Senna. However, this only comes from the Band.

In the coming months, McLaren, Senna made out of Lego is exhibited at different events. Among other things, he is to be seen at the beginning of July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the English Sussex.

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