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During this tasting, judge Tim Raue almost made the audience cry

April 19, 2024 – 2:10 p.m.

“ready to beef!” has never seen a better duel – Sven Wassmer against Mario Lohninger

“It is actually the most impressive level of two candidates that we have had with” ready to beef! “To date,” says juror Tim Raue, starting his judgment on the second round of Sven Wassmer and Mario Lohninger, who was already in the first season on Start was. The two excellent chefs present two “brilliant” and “perfect” creations for Mario’s secret ingredient “wild blueberries”, according to the jury. But these are not even the highest notes in which the judge praises the two opponents. Tim Raue’s tearful speech can be seen here in the video.

“ready to beef!” – juror Tim Raue becomes a poet

Fish and blueberries – Tim Raue “could never have imagined that”. But Sven Wassmer’s interpretation puts the “ready to beef!” Juror directly “in Switzerland on the mountain”. The star chef describes with complete conviction that you can taste the first bite, “how the blueberries are picked and how the whey is stolen from the cow” – simply “brilliant and perfect”.

And anyone who has now thought that a cookery show couldn’t be more emotional and visual has made a mistake. Because when evaluating Mario Lohninger’s dessert, the “ready to beef!” Judge almost made the audience cry. “What is there that appeals to us even more than perfection? – Memory!” Begins Tim Raue. Mario Lohninger ‘s creation of his mother’ s favorite recipe, which also sits in the audience, manages to turn the oh so insensitive Tim Raue into a poet and completely overwhelms him with memories of home and family: “It is the case that mom or grandma unites hugging with all their love “.

“Dear Mr. Raue, before my tears come, who won the round?”, “Ready to beef!” Host Tim Mälzer finally wants to know. You can find all of this, as well as the gradual “Beef” between Sven Wassmer and Marion Lohninger on TVNOW.

The highlights of “ready to beef!” in the video


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