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Sven Wassner's "Sig" puzzles the Lohninger family

April 19, 2024 – 1:53 p.m.

Sven Wassner’s Swiss ingredient brings everyone to a stop

In this episode, too, host Tim Mälzer and juror Tim Raue invite two absolute top chefs and their teams to a duel and again it says: “ready to beef!” Sven Wassner, who comes from Bad Ragaz in Switzerland, chose the first secret ingredient. His opponent Mario Lohninger advises: “Chocolate?” Almost, but not quite! The ingredient is light brown and is called “Sig”. What’s this? Sven’s opposing team is taken aback. Even Tim Raue looks down questioningly from his panel of judges, because he doesn’t really know what that is: “I didn’t understand it. What is Sig?”

Sven Wassner shows fairness and reveals what “Sig” is

Only Sven Wassner can answer that: “This is whey that is left over in cheese production. It is reduced until the milk sugar caramelizes.” So this ingredient is a mixture of sweet and sour and according to Tim Mälzer has a “fantastic caramel taste”.

This is a challenge for Mario, because he has never cooked with this product! Will he be able to beat his Swiss opponent with his own ingredient?

Whoever wins the duel, you will see exclusively in the entire episode only on TVNOW.

The highlights of “ready to beef!” in the video


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