Elena Berkova announced the pregnancy:

Russian pornostar Elena Berkova announced that she was pregnant. 35-year-old actress suddenly disappeared from view of fans.

But on March 29, she posted in Instagram your new photo. She holds a pregnancy test. On it two strips. “No comment,” reads the caption to the photo.

Some members congratulated Elena with the future replenishment. However, a number of users began to sneer at what is happening in the life of a star. In particular, they began to wonder who the father is, and what will you do with the baby when he finds out who his mother is.

See the publication in Instagram

Publish from Elena Berkova (@berkova) 29 Mar 2022 2:32 PDT

“Macaronies,” reads one comment.

“the Main thing that from the right guy!!! You deserve to be happy,” reads another one.