The Federal tourism Agency advised tourists to leave the city: the day you will not

the situation commented, “MK” Advisor to the head of the Federal tourism Agency Dmitry Gorin.

In accordance with the recommendations that we received from the Federal tourism Agency and the government Directive, all travel companies are now engaged in re-booking the tours. Those tourists who were planning a trip, now in pre-order returns. Charter, special flights by tour companies put together with airlines. For such flights the aircraft offers greater capacity. Now it’s safe to say that 70% of the tourists return.

the tourists who are now at the resort to comply with self-isolation. People in the current mode waiting for their flights. A number of hotels provide them such a service as food.

given the current situation, I would recommend everyone to go home. Restrictions are temporary, they will operate from March 28 to June 1. And subsequently we hope that all hotels and resorts will host the tourists.

– Many tourists basically do not want to leave ahead of hotels and resorts and out of the spring of Sochi, where the temperature now reaches 20 degrees Celsius.

– we Need to understand that hotels are still working, but gradually most of them will be preserved. After the end of the current bookings, new bookings are not confirmed. How will they be able to stay in a closed hotel?

Now the flights are operated by aircraft with increased capacity, but due to bad loading airlines adjust their flight program. A number of airlines have already suspended their activities, we know about such facts. The number of flights will be reduced. While you have the chance, have to advance to go home, especially since no services related to restaurants, with the entertainment industry will not. Will not be able to walk in the parks, work out in the gym. And to sit in quarantine at the hotel, you will agree, not very interesting.

But I’m talking only about organized tourism. And the main PRconcerns now just was not organized travelers, and those who independently plan their trip. They are scattered around the Sochi.

the same applies outside of the week, announced by the President as a quarantine measure. It was stated that this is not the weekend, they’re not meant for travel, and exclusively for the isolation. Recommendations of the Federal tourism Agency clearly stated that it is necessary to temporarily restrict such travel.

– Now a lot of complaints from tourists there for the tour operator “Biblio-Globus”. In social networks, travelers complain that they offered a “bargain” packages with flights and Breakfast at a low price, calling the price is 4500 rubles and below. Like, knowing the situation, specially lured…

– It is absolutely groundless accusations. Within the low season, the occupancy goes from 500 rubles per day. The average cost of such accommodation facilities as health centers and dispensaries in Sochi – 1270 rubles per day. This room rate includes three meals a day and medical procedures. We have a trip to Russia cheap, especially in low season. Of course, in summer, in July and August, these prices will not.

the tour Operator responsible attitude to the recommendations. And, for example, as soon as it became aware of the limitations, one of the planes that flew from Perm in Sochi, was in the air returned to the airport. And it just speaks to a very serious social responsibility to the tourists.

Now more and more saying to close the resort regions and hotels in them the authorities had immediately after the announcement of the week. This would avoid many problems.

– so many in Sochi have personal property. And they drove their cars to the sea to carry out quarantine, who is his country, who in their apartments. And speaking of tours, we immediately, as soon as I got the recommendation, ceased to issue permits.

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