Epidemiologist, Ministry of health announced the imminent peak in Russia by COVID-19

Academician of RAS, head of laboratory for development of new technologies of epidemiological surveillance and prevention of infectious diseases of the First MGMU them. I. M. Sechenov, chief epidemiologist, Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Nikolay Briko announced that Russia is coming to the peak in the incidence of coronavirus infection.

“I Want to believe that we reach this critical,” said Briko, adding that some time the number of patients still may increase. In the future it will decline.

“the spread of the coronavirus significantly reduced thanks to, of course, the measures taken,” said Briko, describing them as diverse and hard.

in addition, he recalled that coronavirus infection refers to the number of acute respiratory viral infections, the activity of which is high during the cold period. According to the expert, since April-may, the disease activity has dramatically reduced.

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