Belarusian doctors caught the authorities in concealing data on died of coronavirus

Belarusian medic told “Radio Liberty” on condition of anonymity that doctors are forced to rewrite medical history of patients. According to him, in the intensive care unit people die from pneumonia, but doctors do not always allow to set the diagnosis. “At the administrative level, they say, “no, and all encode differently, so as not to spoil statistics”,” — said the doctor.

According to the interlocutor of radio station, a difficult situation has developed in Vitebsk. Employees of one of the local Shoe factories back in town from Milan where he picked up an infection, but continued to go to work because the country decided not to impose the quarantine.

the Physician said that in Vitebsk specially equipped for the treatment of pneumonia hospitals are filled with patients. Intensivists work on the wear and test-systems and means of individual protection is not enough. “I do not want to be Nostradamus, but we can repeat the Italian scenario, because patients take a lot and at the same time,” said the medic.

According to him, the actual numbers infected at least twice higher than authorities say. The doctor also disagreed with the opinion of the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko, who called the situation with the pandemic coronavirus “psychosis”. “Unfortunately, this is not a psychosis. Today is a very unpleasant and ugly situation,” said the medic.

According to the latest data, in Belarus contracted the coronavirus 152 people, one died. The total number of infected COVID-19 in the world has close to 800 thousand.

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